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  1. I felt so disgusted when I read this, it's not like Kennedy never be a first thought at meet and greets but it's not not like it... that's why I never hang on the Facebook RPDR groups bc they're all "yaaaas eurekamy winner" "eurk can asia/monet/this black queen shut up already???!" and I'm not having it Reddit might be hateful at times but Facebook is the worse. My flair on the RPDR subreddit was Asia from the beginning and I wasn't feeling Aquaria at first but end of the season, I really am for any black queens and Aquaria winning. Asia is such a seasoned queen and she gave us so many funny moments, a much much better Trinity Taylor and I don't get why the white Queens would get paid higher and that she would only be a backup performer, she should be UPFRONT AND PAID EQUALLY GODDAMMIT
  2. Yes, please more comedy nice and less goddesses of war going at each other, and make it funny !
  3. The sis @ACT2 is a deep RuPaul's Drag Race fan, if she wants to be the ghost of Miss Vanjie hanging out in the werkroom, either sacrifice some chicken to make her go away or focus on your own game and ignore her if it bothers you so much...
  4. Sis totally has the right to if she wants... even after quitting last season, Amour Hirederire popped up here and then, maybe eliminated Queens can refrain from coming into the Untucked thread but as far as I know, coming and commenting on the main thread is not forbidden at all. Also will you really stop commenting and following RPDR COP if you get eliminated ?
  5. Towards the end of the month, early July at last I think
  6. I don't know, I'm bored and there are way more messages when commenting a runway which is weird because this is a written comedy challenge, GIFs and shade can't do all the jobs, y'all gotta be full on funny
  7. So umh... is it as awkward in here as your hookup turning up a strict bottom or is it just me ? Like come on, bring it on, this isn't I Wanna Go and you're not Charlie Hides, fight a bit !
  8. well i tweeted about it and homophobes/his fans are attacking me... great
  9. Well we regretted not using a double shantay, Jenna had to quit for personal reasons so we brought back Britney Bitch @Ms. Knee for measures. Please do exit in the stage right, that's where the eliminated queens go
  10. XXXTentacion has been shot in Miami ? Evil has been defeated during Pride Month I could not believe it !

    (don't come and try and drag me, the guy was a homophobic abusive scumbag and had a literal tweet saying "SHOOT ME!"

    1. IsThatSaraS


      He's just been confirmed dead :wendy20:

    2. Ross Mathews

      Ross Mathews



      Honestly ? My 14 years old littleΒ brothyer has become an homophobic little shit since he listens to the guy, and my brother hit me in the face and called me a faggot 4Β days ago because it was 2am, he had school the day after and i had told him to shut down his computer... for all i know, at least he won't influence youngsters into becoming homophobic cunts now.

    3. IsThatSaraS


      Aww sorry about that hun :(Β  Yea good riddance, d'you know what I mean? :gaycat:

  11. Blue is my hair color bitch Also I'm a bottom I only worry about my top's dick size, but you don't have to worry, you'll never be on top