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  1. I'd have sex to Hair Body Face honestly, that shit POPS and is all sensual, a 9 outta 10 for me!
  2. J'ai un peu de mal à tout le temps comprendre ce qu'elle chante vu qu'elle le chante phonétiquement mais je suis bien content qu'elle ait fait ça ! I don't really get what she says all the time because she's singing phonetically but I really like it nonetheless !!
  3. I wanted to participate but there was no playlist to listen to the songs so I made one so it'd be easier @Roobz I'm sending my Top 20 soon !
  4. I also want to congratulate @kipperskipper for being the best host of the best COP game, I think nobody has an idea of all the hard work you put into this show but I know how much you gave me laughs, gags and brown cow stunning moments during this experience thanks to your creation and dedication to it ! I can't wait to see you shine in the COP Summer Awards and I love you so much, you're a so much more woke RuPaul and your diplomacy and the care you have for the Queens and judges is beyond belief, you're truly an angel !
  5. CONGRATULATIONS PAYLESS @MISS CAMARADERIE ! After gagging us all season, you deserve this crown fair and square ! I won't come back as a Queen ever and I don't think I want to be put under the pressure of being a judge ever again so these are my goodbyes dear Queens! I don't know if I'll hang on COP that often since I hate confrontation and the other parts of COP are full of it but if I don't come back, know that this was one of my most fulfilling yet scariest experience on the Internet and that I love each and every one of you so so much !
  6. I recognized that in the competition, at first, I was worried to be too harsh and Kipper reassured me and I think the judging got to me and all hell broke loose because I did realize towards the end that I often had become harsher than the other judges, and for that, I totally apologize. Towards the middle/end, you might have noticed that I was only putting half of my energy into judging, not turning in critiques, etc... I had good excuses for some and just let the bad stuffs get to me for others, but I really want to present my excuses, to Kipper and to the Queens. The length of the competition got to a lot of us and I think we'll deserve a good vacation after that. I'll answer other stuffs later in Judges PM, I am trying to find the key to my home because apparently I gave it to one of my friend who is gone so it's a mess right now and I have to go find them
  8. You are not eligible for the Most Snubbed category since you were nominated in another one
  9. Voted ! @ COP Drag Race Queens: don't forget to vote for the Awards and for your Miss Congeniality !
  10. I can't wait to see it as soon as it comes out in France !!!
  11. Okay, let's see, I'm good at names usually: Noah - Theo Harry - Simon Alex(andro) - Jules - Isaac/Isak Derek - Maxime/Maximus - Sebastian Flynn - Nick - Bram/Abraham
  12. I sure won't be nominated at all since not a lot of people know me but I'm sending my votes soon!