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  1. Little Mix and 5th Harmony are the trashiest bubblegum teen pop there is. Bye.
  2. I feel like the IQ level of the housewives was at an all time high when Heather and Carole were on the show. Now it's like the remaining housewives have an IQ of 70-80 and Bethenny is like 110.
  3. Fuck Kathy I hate her with a passion. At least Rosie is a bitch but has a fun side. Kathy can keep her shitty cannolis and her rat toothed prick husband tbh. All they cared about was airtime. They didn't care how much they backstabbed Tre. Even in the midst of her going to jail they were gloating. Disgusting.
  4. Always wanted to watch the original cos everyone keeps labelling it as a classic and say Joan Collins was a mega bitch in it which I live for. But how many seasons are there? Also fav seasons?
  5. It would be a mega ultra kii if JC wins. Oh god PLZZZZ I need to see their faces.
  6. But they didn't express what they felt, or they wouldn't be making a forum rn. So these new mods need to be direct with u. I meant all the parties included I'm not saying it was just u being the issue. These new mods need to be honest with u and express to u if they don't like something or if they have a solution/suggestion. And u need to accept their thoughts and feelings and think more about it and research before saying yes/no and maybe even have a poll to ask the forum what they think/want. And I'm not saying u didn't do those things, I'm saying we should highlight those things.
  7. I'm happy u chose the right people to be global mods, hopefully u all keep the communication lines open if there's anything bothering someone express it to them via pm. Have it be more of a discussion rather than a cut and dry decision made by Indie. Of course the last say should be by you cos you own the place and are the admin, but you should have others express their thoughts freely to u and u should consider their suggestions/complaints and think of what's best for COP, those members, and yourself. Wish COP the best. @Elusive Loverboy @Oh My Gaga congrats @barbiej33p congrats
  8. Wait is that where they go to that pub and have the weird fight that starts with nose touching as an annoying joke and ends with "I'm not racist!!! I'm mexican!" and Tamra dragging old convos she had with Kelly about Heather? I only know that fight cos it's an iconic scene I saw separately and keep watching from time to time.
  9. NGL I'm only watching for Kelly. Just like I only watched RHOB for Brandi.
  10. But Queen Kelly?! I heard she goes off this season at some point. And that she attacks one of the new girls' husband (not knowing who he is) then goes to the bar and talks to his wife and shades him and calls him an asshole or a bitch in front of his wife, and the wife is like which guy? Then Kelly points at him and says more insults. Then the wife's like that's my husband.
  11. I also liked her, they attacked her for no reason. Joyce is a fake ass cunt plus she's a big fat pig.
  12. Are u watching O.C. this season? I saw episode 1 yesterday and was bored out of my mind. I need to know if the season picks up.