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  1. The thing is, her art sucks too. So there's not really much we can do about it, I'm afraid.
  2. I'm leaving too.

    Play Roman Holiday at my COP funeral. :somepoints:

  3. I wish our favs would do smth like this.
  4. I was checking Kylie's new sing (a bop) ...then I had the wonderful idea to scroll down the comments and...
  5. Why are y'all triggered? I obviously don't hate fat people, I was just talking about how important this epidemic has gotten over the last few years, and I was thinking about some solution to solve it. And tbh I don't see how it could be wrong to pay more if you take a lot of space... Why it's disgusting? More you weight, more you pay. So yes, you should pay taxes for weighing down the earth. And before you jump at my neck, this doesn't apply to obese people only, this goes for bodybuilders too (for people who feel "singled out"). They weigh a lot and take up room.
  6. I think it’s unfair how they don't have to pay extra money for being heavier than the average human. Obesity is the highest form of threat to humanity and we need to do everything to stop it. Should we impose a fat ‘tax’ for fat people and have them pay reparations? In general I think making it illegal to be fat could be considered as well. I hate people who celebrate being plus size it’s disgusting.
  7. The racists are working hard today I see....

  8. i fucking hate y'all

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    2. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      I loved that thread. Nothing but facts spilled!

    3. Craig


      WPs revoked :oprah:

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      <3 u tho

  9. BEYONCÉ :icant2: