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  1. My whole life is a tragedy. I've been born in one of the most miserable and undevelopped countries ever, where people literally starve to death. I tried to get away from there by finding a job and saving money, but it didn't work out, so I'm screwed by being stuck in this place. I can't even go back to my hometown because my family doesn't want me. I don't have a future or any perspective. Unemployed, mentally unstable, worthless, unwanted....a total loser and future homeless person. Most of my "friends" were nothing but fake snakes who can't wait to see me fail in life so they can kii kii behind my back. I'm a disgrace to my family and I can understand why they don't claim me. I'm trying to tell myself it will get better but it doesn't. It never does and it never will. I just had a panic attack in front of the whole class while giving my presentation. I'm just a joke. Embarassing. I don't have a single dollar in my pocket. I can't sleep. I started cutting when grandparents died last year, they were my everything. All my dreams are buried. All my hope is gone. So death is the only solution. I've been thinking about overdosing for a long time, I think I might do it before this week ends. There's no point in this life anymore. I wanted to make something out of my life but I failed. Good-bye.
  2. :( it's getting worse i think i might lose it sooner than I expected.

  3. Well... I pratically have nowhere else to go. I come from a third world country, so there's that ugly mentality that says that you must be either a doctor or an engineer in order to be successful in your professional life. and tbqh this is not doing it for me. my parents forced me to go to that engineering boarding school although I initially refused bc i wanted to study art and design. we even had a fight about it and bc of that they don't even talk to me anymore. they weren't having any of it so they basically kicked me out of the house. (they think that's the right thing to do and its for my best) so now i'm stuck in this horrible place and i can't even quit bc i would be homeless and i'm far away from my hometown. So yeah... a real nightmare but you just have to deal with it.
  4. I hope this doesn't affect Ariana's mental health. It must be hard for her. She needs her family's support so hopefully she's with them.
  5. I WISH but it's incredibly hard, especially when you're a gay person living in a homophobic third world country. you literally can't meet anyone who's openly gay here bc they live in fear and often times they force themselves to marry women to oblige to societal roles. you can't have boyfriends or hooking up with guys or anything like that (or u just do it in secret hoping nobody else would know abt it). they were literally arresting people who have Grindr (the app) on their cellphones I usually avoid going to clubs because I'm too scared I may appear "too fem" or give any other hints while being drunk yk
  6. Queen of Rap. and writes her own songs
  7. can I die for just one day please?

  8. @AngryAzalean sis I feel you. i am forced to go to an engineering uni every single day and I hate everything math related and I'm failing every subject. it's also a LOT OF FUCKING work to do you can't even imagine tf. it's like ur supposed to be and live like a robot. and I just can't keep up with the courses and I'm sleep deprived. it's HELL and It's ruining my mental health, at this point I'm just waiting for winter break (if I don't end up killing myself before)
  9. I don't have anybody to talk to and I feel so empty inside. and this xmas will probably be my shittiest one yet. I'm far away from my city and I doubt I'm welcome in my parents' home, I don't have friends and I think I might end up killing myself because nobody would notice since I'm a complete nobody and I'm a failure anyway. I'm also feeling sick in my stomach. I've been experiencing sleep paralysis (yes it EXISTS) a lot lately and it's the horrible thing ever. it's like hearing voices in your head and seeing weird shapes while being trapped in your own body without having the power to do anything or even move your body, which is how I feel almost everyday. and my ed is acting up again... I think I'm going to puke it all out hoping I would choke on my vomit and die.