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  1. she has the god damn nerve to do shit like this and expect her fans to turn a blind eye to it. not surprised since she's so sympathetic with rapists. she always has been and always will be because she just does not give a fuck anymore. also, such a hypocrite. she said on Ellen 3 months ago that she was single and now she's dating someone. I mean it's no big deal if she's dating other men, BUT NOT WHEN ONE MAN IN PARTICULAR IS A RAPIST. she needs to stop because shes looking like so fucking stupid.
  2. well what was the point of naming the song thank u, NEXT?
  3. Sucks she selling less nowadays, but she released a great record, which is all that matters. At least she won’t be fuming about it on Twitter and blaming her failure to get a No. 1 album on a rapper and his supermodel wife with their 9-month old daughter.
  4. Welcome King, enjoy COP!
  5. Halsey. I love her and she makes good points most of the time, but she had no right to overreact the way she did about Hotel shampoo. it’s just shampoo, chile.
  6. One Dance, unless you count a scene in a film Drake did for Apple Music, where the song is featured.
  7. yeehaw Taylor kept it up with the classics for 4 ALBUMS STRAIGHT. self titled had our song, fearless had forever and always, speak now had the story of us and red had all too well.
  8. If it’s a slut anthem, then why is she singing about how grateful she is for her exes and for her future? this ain’t It, SIS.
  9. A few have followed me on twitter actually like Bart Baker, etc. But only one celeb has truly noticed me and it was Hari Nef. She may not be the biggest celeb right now, but she’s done some modeling and acting work, so some COPers may or may not know who she is. She jokes about being bald on her Twitter all the time, so I made a really cringy video when I was 16 for her talking about how bald I was after my haircut, even though I literally wasn’t bald in the video and she noticed it. she replied with and I quote “PUT THIS IN MOMA” and she tagged a few of her followers saying “look at this angel”, and MITCH GRASSI FROM PENTATONIX SAW IT. he replied “Omg” and all. That’s the only time a celeb has noticed me though. I’d love for it to happen again though, especially if one of my faves noticed me.