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  1. Talk That Talk (2011)




    My faves:

    - You Da One (I luv this bop since it came out tbh. My guilty pleasure!) :madgebop:

    - Red Lipstick (IT SNATCHED MY WIG BAD OMG I CAN'T) :shooketh:

    -Watch n' Learn (MM YEAH BOPPING MY BODY) :bopwalk:

    -Birthday Cake(not remix) (I enjoyed it, but WHY ITS TOO SHORT I-) :wwebop:

    + remix version bopped tbh

    -We Found Love(feat. CH) (I mean.. it's obvious. A legendary bop) :rih:

    -Drunk On Love (First of all, amazing XX's Intro part sksk. Secondly, the lyrics were deep and moving. Thridly, Rih-Rih delivered!) :slay:

    -Cockiness (Love It) (WAIT BITCH.. It's totally different. I luv it. Remix is same, Rocky was fine af) :rihbogle:

    -Do Ya Thang (It's a bop, I enjoyed it. I'd play it in my room tbh and the last lyrics were amazing wig) :dancega:

    -Farewell (Time for sad songs. I enjoyed it, but I guess the meaning of it is much deeper, like saying farewell to person who have got a little time to live or smth like that. It got me tearful, cause Rih delievered the VOCALS! AND LYRICS!) :britcry:

    -Fool In Love (A song. A sad song. A song about broken relationship. Rihanna's vocals. No comments. It got me teary..) :ariicant:

    -Talk That Talk (feat. Jay-Z) (The title song and the last song I've heard from this album. Ironic. First of all, Jay's rap verse was ON POINT. Secondly, their connection being together was amazing! UGH THEIR MINDS I- Thridly, the bridge! YAS! Overall, I liked the song.. I would not listen it another time, but I got ripped off!) :rihslay:

    -Where Have You Been (A BOP. All the memories.. and I even learned some choreo from it!) :gaycat3:

    OK/Good ones:

    -We All Want Love (Originally I thought to put it higher, but the song itself was one-noted. Still good production, but not that boppy or amazing tbh) :arieducating:

    -Roc Me Out (I was expecting Rihanna's vocals, but she was one-noted. However, the bridge and last lyrics got me.. it's a solid good song, I'd give it another try) :nickicocky:






    This album is much better than Rated R, Una or her first 3 albums (sorry GGGB fans!)

    This is my fav album BY FAR of hers tied with Loud!

    The vocals, the production, the singles, the era.

    It snatched me completely and left without breathing.

    :rihkiss: :rihkiss: :rihkiss:

    You Da One's MV still haunt me. It probably her the 2nd best MV besides Diamonds tbh! :yas2:

    Thanks for reading! :rihyas:

    Leave in comments your opinion!


    @HOLIDAYONCÉ @rihce @CUZ!CAN @Ronald HoHoHoSon @AmazingAzalean @Ahmed

    @Roobz @Flashing Lights @Gratitude

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    2. Roobz


      OMG, look at you going so fast on the Riri albums! I love it! Glad you liked it, all her albums have so many bops. I can't pick a have tbh, every day it's another one! 

      Did you listen to ANTI yet?

    3. Ahmed


      good lord, you're QUICK af! :whereisit:

      TTT is my fav by her, i'm glad you acknowledged its greatness :rihyas:


    4. crystalline bachelorette

      crystalline bachelorette

      @Roobz Yes, Higher,Kiss it Better are my fav tracks