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  1. Unapologetic(2012)


    Fav tracks:

    -Phresh Out The Runway (iconic bop, my pussy is satisfied) :rihbogle:

    -Diamonds (do I need to talk about this bop?) :slay2:

    -Pour It Up (from the first second I knew THAT was a bop) :snatched2: :wwetwerk:

    -Loveeeeeee Song (we stan calm bop, I'd put it as my alarm tbh!) :rihslay:

    -Right Now (a BOP, reminds me of summer 12') :bopwalk:

    -What Now (reminds me of Rated R era tbh) :rihgaycat:

    -Stay (I mean.. I once cried to that song nn) :britcry:

    -Nobody's Business (CB can choke, but Rih snatched my weave with this song!) :snatched:

    -Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary (I liked the transition between these songs, but also powerful lyrics tbh!) :keshaeducation:

    -Get It Over With (OG Sweetener, Ariana who?) :gaycat7:

    -No Love Allowed (it's gorgeous) :rihwink:

    -Lost In Paradise (I stan this song omg. It's fucking wig!) :ariwig:

    -Half Of Me (I liked the vocals here, just like in LIP) :lipstick:

    OK tracks:

    -Numb (it's good, but meh. I wish she would add something..) :tinasheeducating:

    -Jump (Nice Pony cover, but I didn't enjoy it) :joanne:


    Gtfo-esque tracks:









    What I can say? I enjoyed this album. I felt like this quality Rihanna wanted to achieve and she DID that!



    Thanks for reading! :rihyas:


    @HOLIDAYONCÉ @rihce @CUZ!CAN @Ronald HoHoHoSon @AmazingAzalean @Ahmed

    @Roobz @Flashing Lights @Gratitude


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    2. CUZ!CAN


      sksks the fumes

      I still love Rih tho, but that album is not iT :rip: :somepoints:

    3. crystalline bachelorette

      crystalline bachelorette

      @AhmedI'll try, even tho it's my fav album tied with Rated R tsksksk

    4. rihce


      it's a magical album <3