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  1. girl idk if you agree since you're the one with the red velvet stan badge but we should probably change the image used for the badge, it's pretty blurry and hard to recognize as Red Velvet. 

    if you wanna change it you can PM @Nicki Minaj right now you're the most active user with the stan badge so it's your call tbh

    personally i like the aesthetic in this equally blurry pic https://imageresize.org/view/1d8a5da3-6dca-467f-a81d-48d5fc084e74



    1. idol of roses

      idol of roses

      omg yes i’ve been looking for a good rv picture to get them to change it thank you for this!! i’ll pm him now 

    2. aahfeekiee


      It's my favorite Red Velvet theme on Superstar SMTOWN I love it so much aahhhh