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  1. heaven - beyonce the crying game - nicki minaj drew barrymore - sza thinkin bout you - ariana grande hello - beyonce you got the love - florence + the machine all things go - nicki minaj pretty hurts - beyonce theres literally so many more
  2. i honestly think they're scared of her. like you're telling me not one person told her collabing with a pedo wasn't a smart move??
  3. shes embarrassing herself that this point. my entire timeline on twitter is just dragging her and making her a meme. sis is falling apart over the little things.
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  5. just as the nicki hate train was dying...... i saw someone on here say that queen had a better rollout/delivery than sweetener. now yall know damn well...... i was really excited for new solo nicki this era but the rollout has been disappointing. its almost like every move was made last minute. from queen randomly announcing the album on the met gala red carpet, then choosing to push it back to august a couple weeks after that. if nicki had already recorded the chun li mv, it would've done wayyy better. chun li was top 3 material tbh. the 69 collab just honestly a publicity stunt went wrong. that really added fuel to the wildfire this era is. now the tour. people been saying the north american leg has been doing so bad, republic was on the verge of cancelling it all. now sis is going on twitter rants and yelling on the radio like a madman. this is some serious azealia banks tease. i hope onika comes a lot more prepared than ever for her 5th album thats only if she doesn't completely crap on her career first.
  6. ariana doesn't "appropriate". she respects the the sound of trap/hip hop when she uses it in her music. we also can't forget ariana has supported BLM and anti police brutailty while these other girl's take influence and run with it. when kim k wore cornrows, she got called out and she went on instagram posting more photos of them and mocking us in her captions. yet you're worried about ariana?
  7. pink panther, obsessed, dreamgirls, epic, austin powers, cadillac records, the fighting temptations
  8. Beyonce! we love 6 #1 albums, 10 #1 singles, $900M box office gross, $950M tour gross (and counting), 22 grammys, 43 top 20 hits, and the most awarded song and album of all time
  9. my last.fm user is yoncehoes
  10. ariana had the best performance of the night . thats that on that
  11. i can see drake being nominated and i dont think black panther can be nominated since it's a soundtrack.