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  1. don't play dumb sis, it's not a good look in your 30s. you fully italicized that word and followed it with an ellipses before continuing for a reason that we all very clearly see through. trying to vaguely insinuate that Normani is trans is no cute. i know you'll deny any knowledge of it, but just know every single one of us sees through your phony facade.
  2. Making obviously this repetitious, obviously vague shade is doing you no favors. Sell the forum or close it again. No one has respect for you anymore.
  3. I'd volunteer to take over if I wasn't on post block for literally no reason.
  4. It's not finishing. He gave up when a bunch of people quit for not wanting to participate in a game lead by him.
  5. Put on post approval or no reason. Love being punished by our dictator!

  6. I'll gladly step in and take over the site and it's payments. 13 bucks is nothing!
  7. Yay! Super excited for more Music Wars! Welcome back babycakes
  8. Daily reminder for myself: do not engage.

  9. He's lying through his manipulative little teeth and his screenshots are fake. James' team came up with exactly what to say in the video and fabricated the screenshots where necessary.
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      Give ha back the freedom of speech