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  1. I truly don't believe that she had any intention for it to look like a kinda blackface parody/interpretation/whatever you wanna call it. No shade, but she's not smart enough to come up with something that layered. However, whoever did the designs for her and whoever told her she was right to approve the designs should lose their jobs. Not even for the unintentional racism or anything like that, but truly because it's tacky, ill-conceived, objectively ugly in design beyond the metal appliques, and—to put it quite simply—it's JUST. NOT. IT. She needs to fire her entire team and hire all new people to surround her and make sure her choices are really right for her brand. The people around here now have all become "yes" people who can't be real with her about what she puts out. These hideous slip-ons are undeniable proof of that fact.
  2. Unlike previous posters, I know the vast majority of these! The way this list is basically the soundtrack to my life from like middle school to right after graduation? Loves it I already knew this, but it truly amazes me every single time how similar our taste is. From trashy, autotuned 'garbage' to fully thought out, storytelling albums; our taste seems to be fully the same or (at the very least) extremely similar 9 times out of 10 T A S T E !!!
  3. we are here for you sis! just ask us, we won't judge you or your question. or if you don't want it to be so public, feel free to PM me and i promise to help you the best i can with no judgment~
  4. may have to see if i can find it elsewhere assuming only s1 is out right now? all good on the SC front btw, it was just a lil pic of me looking cute in tana's merch
  5. omg no i didn't know that!!! how annoying, i just got the complete series on DVD in 4:3 format too
  6. I'm eagerly awaiting your PM gushing about the episodes!!!
  7. I don't know much about Gladys Knight ngl, but that voice sounded just right to me based on my memories of family members listening to hear through my life. It took me a bit to guess it, but as soon as the name came up in my head it just clicked!
  8. I think the Rabbit is DEFINITELY Joey Fatone! Body type seems about right, the clues fit perfectly. I will be surprised if it ISN'T him! Also, I'm certain the Unicorn is Tori Spelling, the Raven is Ricki Lake, the Bee is Gladys Knight and the Alien is Latoya Jackson. Those are the only ones I feel pretty certain about. The rest I have a few guesses for that feel solid in my mind, but don't seem to line up with what the internet theories seem to find true. Two acts have been unmasked already! I don't know if you've seen spoilers or not, so I won't spoil them for you, but I'll just say I knew who the Pineapple was IMMEDIATELY. They were easily the most obvious one from my viewpoint. Definitely @ me when you watch the two episodes out (or three if you wait until after Wednesday) and let me know your thoughts! Need someone to share this addiction with
  9. I've been SOOOO obsessed with The Masked Singer since it started a couple weeks ago! So glad that someone decided to bring this concept over from South Korea, especially because it's actually much more extravagant than it's inspiration. The costumes have been really good, the clues are just vague, yet specific enough to apply to a few celebrities that it could be! Love theorizing about who is behind the masks left and I think I've got quite a few of them guessed right already~ Anyone else been watching this?
  10. I'm saying! I feel like this thread is really showing me my age
  11. Awwh yay, I'm glad you liked it! I'll link some more good ones in a little while
  13. there's just a little asian r&b to start with~