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  1. OMG I could not believe it you definitely should give her a chance! her music is amazing and pop perfection!
  2. i'd be happy for her if she did do that. but i just don't see it for the least relevant member of 5H!
  3. do you want the album ranking or the playlist? not doing both because that violates the laziness clause in the contract of my life
  4. i don't think i've ever necessarily actually played dead. i've definitely pretended to be in the deepest sleep possible and unable to wake up, which once made my mom cry when i was a child because she thought i was dying. but that's about the closest i've ever gotten to intentionally playing dead.
  5. also @Believe In Furler if you're at all interested in getting more into Kylie, hit me up! i'll gladly rank her albums for you to listen to instead of going in order. or even better, i can make you a playlist of her best singles/albums tracks for ya! always love educating a good shishter
  6. will it, though? ..............will it?
  7. oh and sometimes, if i'm feeling real frisky, i'll do one of those old school nasal strips for blackheads because my nose is a problem area for me. haven't done them much in recent years since coming on to peel-off masks that can give the same effect. but if i'm having a particularly bad skin time on my nasal area, but it's too soon for another peel-off mask, i'll use the classic and old faithful biore pore strips.
  8. i'll forgive you this time! humans aren't perfect. there had to be at least one flaw in there
  9. gdsgs omg listen to the entire album (Kiss Me Once)!!!!!!! it's a modern pop classic and definitely in the top 5 best of her 14 albums!!! yes, she's an icon of this generation!!!
  10. I was gonna cancel then I looked into the sky Knew the badness won't prevent the sun to shine I was gonna cancel then took a sec to realize All the disappointment that would trail behind I was gonna cancel then you reminded me of who I am Everything is clearer than a mirror is to woman Just the same as a dog is to man
  11. sdhdshf i had to do at least a LIIIIITTLE fake out to shake people up. it wouldn't be a proper battlegrounds thread without at least attempting to stir the pot a little (even if it was just a lil prank) but i love that lil reference to that Kylie classic in your post! whether it was intentional or not don't worry though, you'll never have to cancel me! as said by a good friend of mine, i have the greatest taste in shitty music. and i personally have always decided to interpret that as my taste is great, even the shitty, no-talent-having artists i listen to and gas have certified B O P S
  12. TANA MONGEAU jk jk, let's chat about kylegend etc etc etc lemme not link every bop bc i want this thread to actually load for people