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  1. I guess she's just going to conveniently ignore POC who are women and LGBT peoples who are women when attempting to make this weak argument. As someone else has mentioned, this isn't a competition and making such statements achieves nothing. It's pointless and ultimately harmful. She should stop while she's ahead (or something).
  2. First Wives Club is one of my favorite movies so I loved this performance. Ngl, I busted out laughing when she nearly fell, but glad she didn't. Her voice is so much better now and that look was everything.
  3. Rihanna, hands down. Bey is obviously very beautiful, but Rihanna has major sex appeal. She's exotic and those EYES!
  4. I'm definitely on my way to stan status with this one. Don't Smile At Me was flawless.
  5. Hello hello - long time lurker, first time poster. Been a Britney stan since the release of BOMT (the single). More recently really into Rihanna and Ariana Grande. Lots of respect for Gaga, though I won't pretend I'm a stan - I love her. Actually I can't think of any popstar I actually despise tbh. All of them had me shaking my booty at one point or the other.