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  1. Lol no problem, I personally liked it, good job, ❤?, and btw I saw that, I had ur back though at least u got 1 response, hey it l starts at 1, right and then on its smooth sailing as 1 turns in to a million:) have a blessed dayn
  2. Well I'm new to all this forrums and social networking, lol , I'm a dork Im just now at 31 coming out of my personal bubble. @Katheryn.. but you have inspired me to pursue my dreams, I feel i can inspire others by my writing, and i sing to but I'm 31 it's pretty hard to get noticed at the age but I'm going to try, lnfao, but you are an amazing person thanks for being you, you are an inspiration to the world, thanks much love for ya. Have a blessed day . Gregory
  3. @BoomLighttune @BoomLighttune @BoomLighttune @Katheryn#♡ @[email protected] am not very good at this networking stuff I am new mostly so sorry if I message late haha, well in new to this forum, I am trying my best to come out of my bubble, one of m nocm names is bubbles, boom, peacock, I didn't give my self these names friends did ,but my mom named me gregory haha
  4. Thank you so much @One Of The Boys @Katheryn @Dirkje hope all have a blessed night or day loc all of u take care
  5. Yes i will, let's rise together everyone , and be United as one trove of love
  6. @One Of The Boys @Dirkje @Katheryn wow such a great addition thank you so much , and I Wil rise for me and then all of you, such an inspirational song thanks,
  7. @Katheryn i love this song it's a intimAte and personal
  8. @Katheryn it's so beutiful @Katheryn thanks so much
  9. @Katheryn I don't think I got the list I'll try to find it, haha I'm always like one best off or step from everyone haha I'm a dork
  10. @Katheryn how do I listen along sis? And may some one me what is boom? Haha I'm not afraid to ask if I don't know haha
  11. @Katheryn iove you so much u are so good at being goofy and lovely you are definition of life well at least to me thanks you are a special and i see myself in you i think you would too if u knew me I person:) ok love have a blessed evening