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  1. sajhk lol Avril is great! I think my fave album overall was Under My Skin, That's the album got me into her. Fave Songs : Fall To Pieces, Anything But Ordinary, Things I'll Never Say, Smile, What The Hell, Alice, My Happy Ending & Hello Kitty (Jad Desenchanntee Vs Dave Aude Radio Remix) (plus I like most of her singles as well) Fave Era: Look-wise: Goodbye Lullaby & Sound-wise: Under My Skin I'm excited for her new single!
  2. Untouched is a given, the ultimate bop I forgot Cruel! I love that one too. I love TMOTF as well!
  3. Oh he's mr big lips and deep voice. He's a chinese member right? I always wind up bias-ing chinese members. I know a few members, WinWin and Doyoung were the ones I always favored.
  4. WIN FOR EDM AND KPOP. And thank you! I do like them, I don't know much about them, but I love really Limitless and FireTruck!
  5. That's so sad, they have such great music Oh man, I don't think I can pick one but my faves would have to be: Everything I'm Not, All I Have, This Is How It Feels, Line of Fire, Lolita, On Your Side (Ellikerz Remix) and I Can't Stay Away. So many great tracks
  6. She was always my fave, queen SuperWitch. Charmed kinda lost its touch after season 4, but I couldn't give it up, even though it became an absolute mess. I re-watch Prue's seasons all the time, I can't remember the last time I watch 5-8, it's been actual years.
  7. The Veronicas are probably most played artist And thank you!!
  8. I'd say Taller in More Ways! I like Change as well! Solange is so underrated. Thank you!
  9. omg HISTORY I loved them Sihyoung was the bias. What Am I To You is still my song. I love DTK, Rock It! & Ms. Independent are bops
  10. They were legit my ult bias group when I first got into kpop Yes! Lips is my fave song by them. They were so great.
  11. Same here. It's so hard to find fans who favor Prue ;~; she's the best. Oh awesome, I'll check it out. And thank you!
  12. My lazy vacationing queen! And thank you Lmao I see threads of her and know it's gonna be a good time, she's a mess, I love her. Thank you! Thank you!
  13. 2nd gen groups will always have my heart Thank you! And I do like Red Velvet, Irene is my fave member. They're awesome! Thank you!
  14. Thank you! Which boygroup? There's so many underrated ones I love. Omg lol um for me probably Flashback? (Don't shoot me) I love that mini and Flashback is my second fave kpop song of all time. dsjksd I love them, MAMA is my song, I have that physical album as well. It is! One of my favorite episodes, Prue in her blue corset-like top alone >> Thank you! And I love seeing other people into kpop Thank you!