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  1. I did already, moved from my country about 4 years ago but the future is very uncertain, haven't really found happiness since relocating so still looking for my place under the sun I suppose
  2. Woah cant believe no one bothered to comment. The album is magnificent, on repeat all day, VW did THAT!!
  3. I expected Fear to sound completely the opposite of Love tbh, anyway she did that!!
  4. Liked it from the 1st listen,now I loves it!
  5. I find this whole thing disgusting, I am still not convinced MJ did any of that and really doubt he will be 'cancelled'. And I am not even a huge fan but I am aware of how the media has always tried to exploit him
  6. A few days ago, my relationship of 3 years came to an end and I've also had to deal with relocating and looking for a new job. It was mostly the emotional attachment that made me break in tears but things will get better I hope.
  7. whew, gaga was found DETHRONED
  8. I suppose it's ok, I expected a Deja Vu-escue smash but the visuals are great regardless
  9. HH is definitely the better single, not feeling this one yet
  10. Honestly surprised this went #1 on yt and itunes, the song sounds ok to me so good for them.
  11. this is a solid album, I liked all songs on a first listen, wig is confirmed flying
  12. I remember playing Sims 2 and 3 for hours without getting bored. Sims 4 just feels much more limited and the lack of open world for me is a step backwards for the franchise. They should at least try making it a option for higher end machines imo. Also I hate it how I enter a household and theres just no one around. And even if I were to travel, all community lots just feel so small and deserted. I haven't played it for a while but lemme know if there are new game packs that I should give a chance.
  13. Not feeling this one yet,hopefully the full version will change my mind. That's not to say it's a bad song but it just doesn't do anything for me and I loved the last 3 songs that Lana released