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  1. this is a solid album, I liked all songs on a first listen, wig is confirmed flying
  2. solid 9 from me, iconic piece in Lana's discography
  3. I remember playing Sims 2 and 3 for hours without getting bored. Sims 4 just feels much more limited and the lack of open world for me is a step backwards for the franchise. They should at least try making it a option for higher end machines imo. Also I hate it how I enter a household and theres just no one around. And even if I were to travel, all community lots just feel so small and deserted. I haven't played it for a while but lemme know if there are new game packs that I should give a chance.
  4. I was actually excited for her return, hope she gets better
  5. Not feeling this one yet,hopefully the full version will change my mind. That's not to say it's a bad song but it just doesn't do anything for me and I loved the last 3 songs that Lana released
  6. Another 11 for me, this is in my top 3 from Honeymoon.
  7. Shades of Cool is def one of Lana's best songs in my list. I give it a well deserved 11 and I love the video too!
  8. https://www.readdork.com/news/lana-del-reys-hope-is-a-dangerous-thing-is-a-stunningly-intimate-portrait-of-an-artist-at-the-height-of-her-powers So it may not even be on the album? Bummer
  9. Also I really doubt we are getting any new songs until the album release so Dalai better post the tracklist/cover/release date soon
  10. I like it,it is exactly as I thought it would,nothing more or less, gives me album closer vibes too
  11. I have only heard the IG and iTunes snippets but I am pumped for this, Dalai slayed again
  12. The single is out in NZ https://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/hope-is-dangerous-thing-for-woman-like-me-to-have-but/1448413378
  13. Movie: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch It got me f'd up though but that only means to me it was good! I wish Netflix made more interactive content like this, probably will check the original Black Mirror series after this. I couldnt sleep after watching it either as it made me question a lot of things about life and freedom of choice. TV Series: Bates Motel Just finished the finale and oh my this is one of the best tv series ever made. I cant think of a single episode that was a filler (unlike other series *cough* TWD *cough*). If you like Psycho I definitely recommend this adaptation of it, def need to rewatch it again!
  14. Lana deleted the snippet on IG and I feel personally attacked
  15. the new snippet on her IG is already the best thing of 2019 for me