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  1. LOL Melodrama was not a flop. Sure it didn't live up to the success her last album got but it wasn't a flop. It received widespread critical acclaim and was nominated for AOTY at the Grammys.
  2. It's flopping because Katy Perry's on it
  3. Going into debt to pay for school is fun :somepoints:

  4. I legit forgot I was playing CAL with Zayn here. Sorry for my absence but my life got really hectic right as I released his single and I was gone from the forum for so long that I forgot about him sksk. I'm ready to get back into the game though!
  5. Nah she'd find a way to sexualize it and do something unnecessarily provocative
  6. These two ALWAYS make me emo
  7. They'll probably only have B list and C list celebs appear. Don't think it'll bring back viewers.
  8. Yeah but if the sex was good enough then I'd go back for more until I get bored. Then I'd sell the story to the press.
  9. My incident might some as a minor one compared to everyone else's but this one time in middle school one of my classmates slapped my ass in front of the whole class while I was bending down to pick something up. I was so embarrassed and didn't know what to say because he said something to me after he did that and he assumed it was all in good fun but it was hard for me to see how it was just a playful jester especially since I wasn't even cool like that with him. He just did it out of nowhere and I genuinely felt violated.
  10. I hope so. Most of it is annoying. There are only a few songs from Maluma and Shakira that I like to listen to occasionally. Everything else sounds the same.
  11. Literally no one but his fanbase knows this song and it's the worst song on the album so it's not at all surprising. Plus he's had much better videos.
  12. He should be ashamed of himself for doing this. Framing himself as a victim of his own orchestrated attack all while attempting to ignite racial tensions.
  13. Don't know if I've posted on here before but here's my updated list of CDs: The Weeknd - Starboy Rihanna - ANTI AlunaGeorge - I Remember (autographed) Lorde - Melodrama Harry Styles - Harry Styles Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life (autographed) Taylor Swift - Reputation Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life (autographed) ZAYN - Icarus Falls Rita Ora - Phoenix