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  1. I enjoyed being here at its peak! Made good friends and don’t regret my time spent here. Thanks for all the opportunities you gave us! And good luck to you and your future endeavors, Indie.
  2. I had no idea this site was still up, I-

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      Yes, and Craig is no longer a mod !! 

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      You still have faith in this site though? It seems pretty lifeless these days. It's a shame because I used to really love going on here

  3. ZAYN on Ellen May 13, 2019 | Los Angeles, United States ZAYN appeared on Ellen to perform his new single "Young Ones" in an effort to further promote the song. As the corridors opened, the stage set up was revealed to the audience. There were dozens of female and male dancers sitting and talking on two luxury cars that were opposite of each other on stage. A backdrop of a sunset played it all and ZAYN was of course center stage. He only stayed there before the first chorus and began moving around the stage, at times joining the groups of people hanging around the cars. ZAYN's outfit was fairly simple for this performance, he just had a white shirt, some black dress pants and a silk jacket with Chinese-inspired print outs on it. Once the performance ended the audience applauded. "Young Ones" featuring ASAP Rocky is out now
  4. I thought I had all of Zayn's discography reserved since I signed him?
  5. ZAYN on BBC Radio 1 May 10, 2019 | London, United Kingdom On his new single "Young Ones" I really love this song because it's one of the first songs I wrote for this album and I just felt so attached to it from the day it was completed. There are definitely more songs on the album that sounded more catchier or 'pop-ier' and would've fit as the lead single but again I just felt like this song had to be the lead single. And initially I wrote it as a more sadder song but I later realized it wouldn't really work not only by itself but also with the rest of the album. So we hit up ASAP and he hopped on it, which just made it sound a whole lot better. And we ended up releasing with ASAP. On the upcoming album It has a title and all the songs are actually done but the thing is we're still deciding which songs to leave on the album and which should be cut because we did make an overabundance of songs, to say the least. I just want an overall cohesive album that makes sense. That's why it could take awhile for any announcements, regarding the album, to come out. It will be out before fall starts though so it won't be that long. I just wanna tell my fans to be patient in the meantime. On the music video for the song It's in the works! I hope to have it out before the month's over but unfortunately it's not up to me. It takes time to edit the video and we all want it turn out well so it's worth the wait. I think people are gonna like the video though, it's fun. That's all I can say about it right now. "Young Ones" featuring ASAP Rocky is out now
  6. ZAYN on Stephen Colbert May 7, 2019 | New York ZAYN appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to perform his brand new single "Young Ones". ZAYN had a band backing him up for this performance unlike his last and as a result, the audio for the song that played was a more stripped down version of the song. ZAYN wore an exact outfit from the latest Burberry collection, which can found down below. This performance was more energetic than the last, and by that, I mean that he actually moved around the stage during the entire performance while carrying his microphone stand with him in one hand. The band really added to the energy of the performance as well. And ZAYN made sure to sing his heart out as the performance closed out, leaving many in awe of his incredible vocal capabilities. Overall it went well and the audience responded accordingly once it was over. Outfit "Young Ones" featuring ASAP Rocky is out now
  7. ZAYN on Jimmy Fallon May 6, 2019 | New York ZAYN appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform "Young Ones" for the first time. After being introduced by Jimmy Fallon, the camera panned to ZAYN, who was onstage wearing a green jumpsuit and the limited-edition white Off-White converses. He also had on some gold aviators on, which finished off the look. He stood in the middle of the stage and began singing the song with the microphone still attached to the microphone stand. He kept the performance chill and didn't really put on any theatrics. The lights on the stage would occasionally change direction and change colors but that was about it. ZAYN did get a bit more energized towards the end of the performance as he took the microphone off the stand and walked around the stage singing the song quite passionately. The performance had finally come to an end and the audience applauded him as Jimmy Fallon came up to hug him and tell him how well he did. Outfit "Young Ones" featuring ASAP Rocky is out now
  8. ZAYN has released “Young Ones” featuring ASAP Rocky as the lead single to his upcoming album, which is currently untitled. Song title: Young Ones Artist(s): ZAYN, ASAP Rocky Label: Columbia Records Release date: May 4, 2019 Writers: Zayn Malik, Malay, David Phelan, Rakim Mayers Producer: Malay Song:
  9. Happy to be back I’ll make sure to stick around this time around too. Which artist will you be playing with this season?
  10. Label: Columbia Records Artist: ZAYN
  11. How many times is this games gonna be rebooted? In all seriousness though I'd love to play! I currently play on the CAL on WOP but I don't really have much fun on there because I always feel like I'm being ignored by the hosts (not all of them) and I generally don't feel as welcomed there anymore.
  12. Haven't been on here in a minute

  13. LOL Melodrama was not a flop. Sure it didn't live up to the success her last album got but it wasn't a flop. It received widespread critical acclaim and was nominated for AOTY at the Grammys.
  14. It's flopping because Katy Perry's on it