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  1. Gives me R&B and Jazz vibes. I LOVE this type of sound from her. SZA who?
  2. Thought the same, but I grew on me. It's a fun & cute song
  3. Cruel Summer, Paper Rings, I Think He Knows...... sweeties!
  4. So when is the site closing. Could we get a date or at least a rough estimate?
  5. You're fave's last hit, which was with Taylor Swift, also peaked at #2 It also out-streamed & outsold his only solo hit. Let's not forget that 40% of his US sales have Taylor Swift's name attached. the backfire
  6. Delusional hater YNTCD just debuted at #2, only blocked by the song of the decade OTR. It literally had the run of the mill rollout too. The last thing she has to worry about it her huge fanbase securing her high peaks.
  7. It still is a legitimate question. Attacking would be when your fave releases music to the public. Thankfully they said NO to Zayn Ma15k OT Beyuki is an illiterate animal
  8. oes Beyonce's children have a special chromosome? Not being shady, It's just something I've always noticed.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen. The epitome of cherry picking is when you make FOURTEEN valid points and they cling to just ONE.
  10. That's exactly the point of the previous post. We're running in circles now...
  11. Selective outrage is when all FOURTEEN of those behaviors are TRUE, and we want to be outraged over ONE issue and igonore the others. The MAGA mindset is jumping out. And it's especially rich that you're hiding behind the US Justice system, by calling it a "crime". When it is that very same system that have ostracized, falsely accused, raped, pillaged, and murdered people just like Nicki Minaj for GENERATIONS. But you put all that aside in a piss poor attempt to put the weight of 1 instance over FOURTEEN OTHERS. Laughable. Now who's being selective again?
  12. An interview from earlier this year. The first and second bold statements correlate perfectly to this very conversation. If she's being interpreted as having "bad lyrics" in 2019, then so be it. It's the message behind the song that is the focus. Which is also another contrast to this conversation; And we see you over there on the Internet Comparing all the girls who are killing it, But we figured you out. We all know now. We all got crowns. You need to calm down. The replies in this thread are the catalyst of the song.
  13. She's trash for who she WAS. Not trash for who she CURRENTLY is. She admitted she was wrong, apologized and moved on. Now can we say the same for Nicki Minaj who has failed to apologize for or admit she was wrong for the following? Supporting a pedophile brother Defining a pedophile rapper Dating a convicted sex offender Dating a convicted rapist Allowing her mother to almost go homeless with a $75m net worth Dating a convicted murderer Publicly SHAMING a VICTIM of rape Blocking fans for wanting her to speak up about issues concerning her core demographic Profiting & endorsing NAZI imagery Mocking a mentally disabled person Using the word FA***T in a derogatory manner Attacking a toddler for her own shortcomings Body shaming thin women Supporting pole dancers in one era, and now publicly shaming them