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  1. ACT2

    bye bitch cant wait for ur 4th dupe xoxo



    BTW You are in my utube show pedo pete watch em :wendysass:


    1. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      His fourth one was also discovered today by Manuela @Manic

    2. ACT2
  2. FireShot+Screen+Capture+%23070+-+'Lady+G

    1. TattoosOnMyMind


      We love the modneys dedicated to not only standing against pedos in word, but also through action.

      @ReprehensibleRoach @Maren Swift @laracroftonline


  3. @idol of roses I recommend both albums by Years & Years if you never heard them
  4. Can i get 6 more? Im at 14. Ill upvote anyone else back
  5. 1. Why would u send ur bf a fake nude of abother guy? It just is a wierd thing to do.
  6. Id cheat on Xan with Charlie ngl Actually i wouldnt date him in the first place lol