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  1. my personal favorites are engrish, Disney vacation (a subreddit for terrible Wikihow illustrations) and Pewdiepie Submissions
  2. HEY I'M BACK AFTER A 5 MONTH OR SO HIATUS okay so uh your birth month is a song from "thank u, next" (I got 7 rings) January: imagine February: needy March: NASA April: bloodline May: fake smile June: bad idea July: make up August: ghostin September: in my head October: 7 rings November: thank u, next December: break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored
  3. 1. Vividria aka bleachnetwork 2. All sorts 3. Now this is a story all about how... (Fresh prince)
  4. "Create your dream froyo" was the poll
  5. This was my attempt at a poll. This poll is inspired by BuzzFeed Quizzes (their Instagram is the best) (I tried)
  6. just so you know the reason why there are 2 songs in jan, feb and mar is because there are 15 tracks in this album
  7. oh god that one acrobat died, and she wasn't the secret killer
  8. I don't know if anyone done this before so this is technically my first time doing this. the first one is going to be: Which Sweetener track are you? use your birth month to find out! January: Raindrops (An Angel Cried)/Goodnight n Go February: Blazed feat Pharrell/Pete Davidson March: The Light is Coming feat Nicki Minaj/ Get Well Soon April: R.E.M May: God is a Woman June: Sweetener July: Successful August: Everytime September: Breathin October: No Tears Left to Cry November: Borderline feat Missy Elliot December: Better Off
  9. this is one http://www.mtv.co.uk/justin-bieber/news/justin-bieber-and-hailey-baldwin-are-reportedly-moving-to-canada-for-this-reason
  10. ok, guys, I found out that on the news Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are going to move to Canada and it's the country that Justin came from soo yeah I have no idea if anyone shared this already.
  11. guys i know this but this guy is hated among the music industry and i think it's because he copies songs using a loop pedal or something and most people prefer to listen to plus or multiply if they listen to his songs. please stop hating on this guy i mean i know you hate him but i stan him forever no excuses.
  12. sure this guy receives alot of toxic hate through Twitter, but I like his songs tho. please upvote so this will happen