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  1. It's not a single, she just covered the song for sentimental value. It's just uploaded to her Spotify page for ease of access. The song isn't even published by Capitol Records, but Atlantic. It won't get a push.
  2. The song hit home for Katy and she could relate to it a lot... she wanted to help spread the song's message to others who it may help, like it helped her. The song itself was inspired by Katy's own song By the Grace of God, one of the song's co-writers revealed. And, Greg Wells, who worked with the song's co-writers for The Greatest Showman soundtrack, is close with Katy and has produced most of her ballads (including By the Grace of God) and so really it's almost as if this song was destined to be Katy's. It's gorgeous and I can't stop playing it. I don't see why people elsewhere are expecting it to be successful though. It's recorded for sentimental value, not to be a comeback single. It's not even being released via Capitol Records, but Atlantic, who she's not signed to. The song won't do anything unless pushed and I don't see Atlantic pushing an artist on another label's version of a 1+ year old song.
  3. Omg I totally forgot about this. I'm listening now. I love this album! I wish "Rise" had been a Japanese bonus track or something at least, definitely should have been on the album, it fits the vibe so well!
  4. Hmm I just see the normal deluxe version. Are Dance With The Devil and Act My Age the only bonus tracks?
  5. This Is How We Do – Katy Perry
  6. Thank you for the warm welcomes all! I'm ready for the Witness listening party. But there is a special deluxe? I didn't know about this. When was it released?
  7. hello katy cats, i'm new around here but have been a fan since teenage dream! my favourite songs of katy are the one that got away, walking on air, spiritual, roulette and of course teenage dream. looking forward to getting to know you all!