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  1. Think About Us feat. Ty Daddy $ign MV is out!
  2. I think maybe he should've had a duet with another singer and Cardi only rap at the end. I think I would've enjoyed that more. But this is definitely going to be successful and hopefully the visual delivers. But since this is a 90s sound the video should reflect that. It could be cute if it played off of a old sitcom or movie.
  3. It's half a bop.. I think the MV can change my mind. But the sound is so 90s that's it's almost heavy handed BUT I kinda like it. Cardi's verses are just ok to me nothing special. But the prechorus is cute when they sing together. With a dope video/concept I think it could be a jam!
  4. Surprised @Riding The M-Train! didn't post this yet but he looks great! It's all my TL is talking about. What does he do outside of music? Model? Act?
  5. I LOVE THIS SONG! She actually makes really good music. I love Hands Free & I Belong To You!
  6. Idk what's going on but this is very sad and unsettling. What a horrible thing to lie about. I want this not to be true and I don't wanna call him a liar but it's not looking good right now. The fact that it took so long to give us phone records to the police. Is he well? Maybe he's going through something but it's all terrible.
  7. A vocalist we don't deserve.. I'm so ready for a new album!
  8. I enjoyed this. I would love to hear more original content but they sound amazing as always! I wonder if they will do a follow up to their last project cause I really loved Imaginary Parties, Vacation and GUY.exe
  9. This is GORGEOUS and sounds incredible as a ballad! C'mon vocals, harmonies, and piano.
  10. OH BITCH! Normani may become the first VevoLift artist of 2019!!!!! This is going to be EXCELLENT for her! With banners, ads and live performances for Vevo! This is only in the rumor stage but BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=315242&title=VIVA-VEVO
  11. It's time to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of on the biggest R&B tracks of 2018 We LOVE a history-making duet! A PHENOMENAL and highly praised live performance! Tell me where your wig lies!
  12. OMG, I feel like you're gonna love it based off of our mutual interest in serial killers (hint, hint) and Sandra Oh & Jodie Comer have such great chemistry! Still obsessed and I hope the second season delivers! What did you think of the ending? I really hope it gets a 2nd season. The reviews have been great and Natasha has gotten a lot of praise for her performance! I don't know how the 2nd season will work unless they get caught in a similar situation and have to go back and relive past life experiences. It's a 4-hour binge and it really is worth watching!
  13. Anybody who's fav artist is Bey AND stans for Sarah Paulson/AHS is worth a follow :cloud9: