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  1. An epic performance ... among the best of the year!
  2. I need her to bring this type of energy if she makes a MV for it!
  3. We love a philanthropist dedicated to eliminating poverty and helping under resourced communities! #GlobalCitizen #BeyGood
  4. Based off the amazingness that is The Fame Monster and cause Stefani is so talented! 90% BTW this random gif messy

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  6. Tis the season to finish this exchange! Surely everyone is ready by now.
  7. It's really hard to control these young stans. Once the school day ends they have nothing to do but sit on social media dragging everyone, wishing death on people and being vile. I think it's hard in general with most young pop artists cause their fans seem to be the craziest. Hive, Ponytails, Monsters, All 5H fandoms. Ariana's not responsible for what her fans do but she should encourage them to behave better and not incite negativity and hate just to defend her (they won't listen but at least it's addressed).
  8. One copy cat song & she's the next Gaga I like SBP and heard the influence immediately but I would like to know what else she can deliver.
  9. But that's a young age... A 16 year old in the state's hasn't graduated high school yet and they're considered juveniles. While 18 is considered a legal adult. That would be like killing kids. Plus do they have the mental capacity to understand what they did and the repercussions? I'm not really a bleeding heart but I don't think this is an easy yes or no for capital punishment.