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  1. IDK why you would create a thread if you're not interested in the song ... I'm hype and I know my girl is gonna kill it. Plus her Tidal performance is coming Tuesday and a Paper Magazine spread should be around the corner!
  2. This Tidal Performance is gonna be amazing and I know her and Bankhead will add a lot of choreo to it!
  3. The top 10 hot 100, #1 on pop radio smash Love Lies
  4. SWING is definitely one of the better songs on the album thanks to Normani's verse. But overall the album sucks, he has 13 features and 19 songs. He should've kept it between 10-12.
  5. When PAYOLA & SYMPATHY got you THREE #1s in less than a year ... not everyone has that Yasssssssss Queen Cardi!
  6. I hope so .. they're so talented (truly the superior girl group) and they deserve US success. They had a little bit of it with Black Magic but maybe if they collab with someone relevant it can happen.
  7. Heard the original song and was far from impressed. I'm hoping with two R&B features that it's going to be a legit remix with a different sound/production.
  8. Reyez voice and that indie sound But I'm really excited to hear Lani and Mani!
  9. .... She's biracial. What did she appropriate? The fro?
  10. She's coming! Hopefully, her current radio success will be a good setup for her first solo single!
  11. Only one song at the moment which is Love Lies but she has some dope covers on YT that can give you a sample of her solo vocal talents.
  12. She's definitely coming The amount of support she's getting on the album is crazy. The fact that Boots (who helped create Beyonce Self Titled) came to NOLA to work on her debut is MAJOR considering he doesn't work with many artists. I think she's gonna be big if she can get the GP invested in her. I also think she's going to get an industry push so we can get some new/authentic faces in R&B. With the support of Tunji (label head) and Brandon (manager), she's about to dominate!
  13. I'm almost positive that this isn't true and he went to #45 on iTunes and I know you sell more copies than that to hit the top 50. But he would sell more if he would leave his apartment and actually make the effort to promote his music. Tweeting links isn't going to help him chart