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  1. a comeback song we deserve! is it scrapped?
  2. I need this to be officially released
  3. poor kid gets attacked from vegans and animal rights activists as well as right-wingers now
  4. Bombshells raising hell now!!!
  5. Yes, one album was mostly written by the artist himself, while the other one had 100 songwriters writing repetitive garbage
  6. HIV would've been in control by now if gay men wouldn't had careless sex with everyone they met in a bar or on an app.
  7. Adele, Sia, Jessie J, Emeli Sande, Florence + the Machine
  8. Tori Amos <3

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    2. GODvril


      do you have account on atrl? or do we have a Tori Godmos stan base thread here, I need to meet with more stans! I recently discovered her and I fell in LOVE

    3. Winter Bird

      Winter Bird

      I don't have an account there sadly and I doubt we have a stanbase for her here but we can make one. 

    4. GODvril


      oh, yes! tag me if we get thread!