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  1. Happy birthday hunny :kiss:

  2. Katheryn


    Your name being the name of the album I'm living for right now, I stan! And also, warm whalecum welcome on behalf of the coolest members in the greatest Pop-based forum community.
  3. If anyone agrees? But I think "good music taste" can also be called "own opinion" (aka subjective), IDRK.
  4. This, I agree to. They're very clever and funny. I honestly don't get the hate. When we say "bad songwriting skills", we mean the message and not grammar and terms. Even if the grammar is THE MOST noticeable to correct and yet you get the gist, that's sorta good. Unlike songs that doesn't make sense at all.
  5. Suddenly, I want to be friends with you.
  6. He's underrated (in a good way), imo. I'm talking about artists who went big, like even indigenous peeps might know them (exagg, obvs). I just said "I don't want to drop names" so I want y'all to make wild guesses or just talk about who you think fits dem shoes.
  7. No, it's not Mariah. I mean, like it doesn't have to be a legend. They are the artists who still makes music and desperately still wanna be trending or being talked about by at least three or more people.
  8. Like, why do people still stan these artists? They don't even make it to the news, headlines, Twitter Moments even, anywhere = nothing. Yeah, they still make music and stuff, but only two types of people know about that: the artists' stans and the people who the stans talk to about the artists and their latest update. I don't wanna drop names, but legends or not, hit or not, 'tis no excuse. Others keep reminding us about what they have done iconically... decades ago. Or to be nice, years ago (or even at a time when it didn't really matter?). Although, hiatus or hiding from the media is exempted but those who still makes music only two types of people know about. Discuss this, please.
  9. KATY PERRY Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson / Katy Hudson (also known as Katy Perry), the only artist to ever spawn 5 #1 hit singles in one album. She can also be recognised from her first hit yet controversial single, I Kissed a Girl of 2008. Singer, songwriter, television personality, philanthropist of Los Angeles, California, now a host on Americal Idol. Her fourth (excluding “Katy Hudson”) studio album, Witness, is out now! DISCOGRAPHY SINGLES FILMOGRAPHY Are you a KatyCat? Well, this is the thread for you! Discuss anything Katy Perry here.