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  1. Well, Idk bcuz she has her highest sales I really didn't see that for this era but it happened. We'll see for AG5 in which she already has stated she's gonna start writing this month
  2. She is for now but has to solidify it she has proved she can pull numbers without her traditional feature much more work.mp3 to do
  3. Miley is no Hilary duff, therefore Ariana didn't end her maybe if MC7 bombs
  4. Something holds Ariana back if you ask me Miley better go full mainstream for this next era bcuz she can lose her spot Raven is messy but very talented in acting/directing Hilary is very important Amanda needs to make a comeback
  5. Well for Miley/Bangerz: She came from one of the biggest children/teen phenomenons of our time. Album tracks are better than adore youplus she was like how Ariana has a big teen demographic so they were shook completely especially because of her album b4
  6. Hilary? Raven? Amanda? Miley? Selena? Demi? Ariana? $peak, release it fats
  7. It's hard. It'll either be: Britney Xtina Miley Or even Kylie(but she isn't an American)
  8. Who's next to crack/Take a hit to her/his career We already had: Mariah(2001) Katy(2017) Xtina(2010) Britney(2006-2007) Madonna(1990 erotica era) Janet(2004) Michael Who's next? Rihanna?Adele?
  9. Whether you know it or not MS. Woke America 2018, I honestly didn't do that on purpose, I know as a matter of fact all the white Latinas I did mention were far from victims your faux SJW tactics ain't working today nor tommorow Ms Chen
  10. She had put red one on as a producer, latina pop girl who had label issues with her marketing. A BOP machine: Run the show Whine up Drop it low Push push
  11. I truly don't understand. Run the show bops so
  12. You do know I didn't do it to be offensive. Inside jokes. I'm AA myself