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  1. It definitely is a part of the puzzle of being a good artist, I don't think that it is the most important part though. Even if an artist does not write or is just bad at writing their songs, they may still have a good voice, or be good at picking melodies or they may be good on stage. So song writing and being good at it, is definitely a talent.
  2. The fact that she said women's rights has gone nowhere is undermining all of the hard work that many women of the past have put in to try to change society. What about the years of fighting for the right to vote? The right to join the military that was not there before? That didn't just happen on it's own. Saying that women's rights has gone no where is beyond dumb. Madonna is just ruining her reputation by saying dumb stuff at this point.
  3. Insidious : Last Key was the first movie in the franchise I saw and thought it was pretty cool. The others I have yet to see though, thanks for the suggestions! Now I have movies to sit on the couch and binge!
  4. Anything besides paranormal, Paranormal Activity and all of it's clones kind of killed that genre for me. Other than that anything you thought was good, I'm kinda in a horror movie drought right now, don't know what to watch.
  5. Definitely! Buttons was the song that got me to dive head first into pop music when I was younger and I was heart broken when I found out they broke up years ago😂. All for this.
  6. Are there any artists that you used to stan that just stopped making music or "fell off". I was on board with everything Kiesza was doing after her first album, but now she rarely if ever puts out music anymore and has pretty much fallen off of the face of the earth when it comes to the public eye.
  7. Just got finished watching the Dawn of the Dead remake because I have a pretty healthy obsession with zombies, anyone have any good suggestions? I'm looking for some new movies to stan.
  8. YES, when I was younger I loved it but, but now that I'm getting older it's very overrated to me. Halloween is the best holiday by now EASY.