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  1. Imagine not stanning the most talented songwriter and vocalist in the music industry, who's got 18 #1 hits and has a flawless discography
  2. thanks dahhling lyy btw girl i cant respond to your post on my TL for some reason, but yes i do agree
  3. i dont have the option to reply on your post on my tl dahhling
  4. well i've seen a couple of hot lambs in my day tbh
  5. well i hoped so too, but then i looked in the mirror
  6. I love your name! Do you agree that Mariah is a skinny legend?

  7. who knows honestly, i'd say i'm not easily offended so maybe that helps and we love you btw i stan moomoo and lazytina, and i LOVE sia you outiconiced tbh lemme follow y'all real quick
  8. @Ms. Knee @???????? @Believe In Furler btw idk how to respond to yall but maybe this is it. i'll figure it out hopefully
  9. Hello fags! I'm new here and i don't even know what i'm supposed to say here but you are going to suck it up. Stream Liberation and MC15. Here cause of @MSL and im terrible at responding cause idk how this site works, so if i dont respond, i'm sorry lmfao