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  1. They're here to stay because they have tons of loyal fans of almost all ages, and outstanding music. I hope some more Kpop groups like EXO and Blackpink can do very good globally like BTS.
  2. Heroin?? I thought she was clean from drugs. But I hope she's okay.
  3. Family Guy got some moments that are funny in earlier episodes, but now it's so confusing and use the same joke again (also using Meg as a joke gag even though it was unfunny from the start). So, it's over.
  4. True lol But I think if he's a sugar daddy then I will be more in that biz
  5. I can strongly agree about Miami Garden Club. But I only listen to two songs off of Number 1 Angel and that's Dreamer and Lipgloss (which I felt like a Cupcakke ft. Charli than Charli ft. Cupcakke) Except those two songs, I feel like that Number 1 Angel didn't age well for me, too.
  6. That movie was a FLOP. And Karen knows that.
  7. I didn't even know he was still releasing music after Pillowtalk. I think people like Harry than Zayn more
  8. To be honest, I think he flopped (even though he had no career) because he was very compared to Justin and became a clone of 2012 Justin.
  9. Barbie Tingz and Chun Li was a huge flop, I think she not gonna survive
  10. Taylor is now scoring 15 on the Billboard 100 with Delicate,nothing else. I do not see any of her works there. I can give her that, but that just shows that Rep wasn't very good.
  11. The only song that did good on the Rep album was Delicate but Rep was a flop. So maybe about 2 noms but no wins