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  1. I love your dp and sig!
  2. B.A.P, BTS, Vixx, Red Velvet mostly
  3. _velvetica

    Can you sing?

    yes Zayn is v cute STAN ZAYN
  4. _velvetica


    hello! Im oxy I made an account like an hour or less ago lol I love Zayn my man he's my fave buy Star Diesel on iTunes I'm the biggest Zayn fan everywhere more people need to stan smh in pop I also like Ariana, Shawn, Rihanna, and Justin my man since elementary also One Direction I miss them so much Im also into kpop but most of the releases this year have been pretty meh and my fave group hasn't had a comeback yet slowly losing interest... I honestly can write paragraphs about the people I stan but no one would want to hear that anyways remember that god is a woman and her name is Ariana Grande, preorder Sweetener on iTunes, anticipate BTS's comeback on Aug and stan B.A.P that's all I need to say let's become friends!
  5. _velvetica

    Can you sing?

    not at all lol Im tone deaf