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  1. thanks for raising me from the dead and welcome back
  2. Is Marina and the Diamonds considered a fad too?
  3. I totally forgot about that of those things, I guess they did a good job in getting rid of her. I'm waiting for the day Cardi becomes a fad too though
  4. that was pretty much her own fault pretending to be something that she's not, but poor girl she just wanted to rap. if she had debuted in 2017 with all these other 'rappers' such as 6ix9ine, lilpump, zan and all these other basic names she would fit right in and compared to those 'rappers' she is not actually problematic. it's a shame that she was scrutinised for what all these other 'rappers' are doing now.
  5. @Lucky I dont PSY should be added onto this list as he was popular prior in Korea and is still popular in Korea and pretty much has a stable career other there and meanwhile the others don't.
  6. Iggy Azalea I guess? She literally dropped of the face of the earth (popularity and music wise in the UK anyway) after 2014, it was as if the success of 2014 didn't happen or was a simulation because anything she has put out afterwards has flopped. You could not listen any mainstream radio without hearing an Iggy song from 2012-2014 and those dreadful 'freestyles' did not help her at all. You'll occasionally see her on the shade room.
  7. cardi's illiterate ass just pisses me off. tbh both of them are just as problematic as each other but at least nicki makes decent music and doesn't blames everything on being from the hood.
  8. she's really shouldn't be doing this when her concert is struggling to sell out, she needs all the fans she can get.
  9. omg i am finding more and more things with this. 'K-pop stans discrediting BTS' success because they don't like their music are the WORST kind of K-pop stans.' how ironic when you are discrediting @Damita Jo and @TattoosOnMyMind when they provided evidence of SNSD's success. Anyway I'm done lmaooo byeeeee. It's a shame i joined this thread late. ALSO SORRY SORRY by Super Junior should be added and Mirotic by TVXQ for that matter!
  10. tbh i dont think they care, their music barely charts #1 for a day in korea and drops out of the top 10 within days or weeks. theyre merely just a commodity for korea when they need to boast about korea being international.
  11. tbh you kinda just sound... childish. bts literally had no choice but to crossover when they HAD to because no one was checking for them in korea, like europop, afrobeats, britpop etc, kpop has it's particular sound and bts doesnt partically fit into that, they just make 'westerned' 'american' and their early stuff was borderline n-boo music in korean language that's why, it's not the type of music korea or asia care for, but it has such a western appeal, you're just simply looking for western type music in korean language and that's why you think all the other artists are bad.
  12. i dont think any 3rd generations can count as iconic as of now so i would say big bang, snsd and 2ne1. txvq had potential especially with mirotic but i feel like after they became db5k > tvxq. it was never the same sadly /:
  13. imagine thinking this lmaooo, how can they the most iconic when they barely have any impact in their own country (til this day), if it werent for western (mainly american) they would be nowhere, their recent stuff has not been impressive at all. 2016 was their last decent come back. how do you go from blood, sweat and tears to this.