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  1. No, she shouldn't and she won't. She'll keep getting haters pressed, just as we can see in this thread with you guys being vile and mean. She'll keep winning, becoming more healthy and more successful than ever. And she will still inspire generations. So you can keep hating, whatever makes you feel better
  2. I study everyday 8am-5pm, I don't have the time to have a job. Tell me how to get money to live on my own and study at the same time if I don't have the time to work ?
  3. What kind of nonsense. I'm eighteen, but I will still probably be studying for 5-6 years, so I will be 23-24 when I end my studies. Why would my mother want me to work and leave home instead of studying in order to get a better job and a better pay in the end ?
  4. Astral

    Coffee vs Tea ?

    None. Hot chocolate is the way to go
  5. I'd say 9/10 for Taylor, I don't claim the rest
  6. Astral


    Welcome to COP I hope you'll have fun here You like Demi, so I already know you're a great person
  7. I'm pretty sure insecure people are the ones who try to attack someone's career
  8. DIdn't she get paid like 25 millions just to be a judge on Idol ? She'll be fine
  9. Astral


    Welcome to COP fellow Lovaticccccc I hope you'll enjoy your stay there
  10. Just sent mine. Warrior for the win