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  1. preach on this sunday!!! nobody that is interesting in pop is successful on Gaga/Britney levels. Charli, Allie, Rina... these girls are working with way less and getting no where
  2. Dance Pop 68% Pop 58% Electropop 38% Post-Teen Pop 30% R&B 26% Indie R&B 22% 74% of my tracks are "energetic" with an average 122bpm.
  3. can y'all stop spelling it "GaGa" it's literally the ugliest thing in the world, just because it was valid in the cinematic universe of BR doesn't give y'all the right now when will Emma?
  4. cocksucking cumdump of a shithead holy fuckingshit christ
  5. Good music taste usually is being diverse in picking apart things that you like about songs. Not listening to the same types of artists who don't challenge your palate. Appreciating hooks and chord progressions and overall production value.
  6. thoughts and prayers for his family
  7. I can't imagine him topping anything much less a chart
  8. Toxic is nails on a chalkboard too, I cannot stand that grating synth and the layered beyond belief vocals
  9. Anything Dua Lipa Anything Karla Cabello Anything by the forgettable girls of today Most of Ariana's discography Most of Selena Gomez's discography Rihanna Umbrella (it's great but it has nothing on the good sis Don't Stop The Music)
  10. i been on the fence with this girl for so long my ass hurts, I need to reach some sort of closure lmao
  11. humble yourself lmao you stan a literal child actress. She's not even in the same sport as Mariah. Plus, AIWFCIY 20 years later still sounds better than anything Araina Latte has released. I guess only a true and talented vocalist could accomplish that, you cannot relate!