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  1. I wonder what happened ? I haven't been here nearly as long, but I've always enjoyed myself.
  2. Right! & hearing/seeing comments like that make me feel old LOL I've loved music forever from all over the World. It baffles me when I hear someone accusing an artist of trying to stay relevant by hoping on a "trend" when said "trend" is an actual thriving genre f music in a wide array of Countries ...
  3. in this moment stan?

  4. She's not trying to stay relevant by hoping on an old trend because 1, Reggaeton is very much alive in Spanish speaking Countries & 2, the single & entire album is inspired by her time in Portugal & the people she met from there, Brazil, Angol, Spain etc. That being said however, I don't think this is her best, but I can't wait to hear the album as a whole. Madge is a Legend with nothing left to prove.
  5. You're trying too hard ... @King or Queen please acknowledge her before she dies from lack of attention ...
  6. Right! & he did it quietly too! Made a #1 album & didn't make a fuss. Silent slay LOL
  7. Definitely one of the best last year! Mind of Mine was an amazing debut project. It should have gotten way more recognition than it did, but debuting at #1 isn't too shabby! Haters thought he wouldn't
  8. Thank you! The album is really good!
  9. Having finally bought & listening to it, I LOVE it! "Scripted" is my SHIT! "Natural" "Stand Still" "Entertainer" "Sour Diesel" "Insomnia" "Flight of The Stars" "I Don't Mind" SO many good tracks on the record!
  10. I'm not listening until the 21st, when it comes out in physical form, but I'm really excited for the album!
  11. Pretty cool song from a new artist. He certainly has promise! I'm feeling him at least. I hope to hear more from him in the future. Take a listen & let me know what you think.
  12. Just a few of my faves that have been in heavy rotation in my R&B playlist as of late