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  1. Hi sis :wendyw: is your username a reference to the legendary and iconic 15 years Neon Nights by Dannii Minogue? I think it is 'cause your profile pic is Kylie but it's so surreal to find another Dannii fan that i have to ask :deadbanana: 

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    2. neonnights


      Omg same! I’ve been bopping to it all weekend. Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling is one of my all time fave songs :britjam:

      When I registered and made my introduction post, I was gonna put that I stanned Dannii too but I didn’t think people would know who she was cause I’ve only ever met one other Dannii fan in my entire life :demicry:

      Ugh I’m glad you recognized the reference! :wendy27:

    3. Bianca Del Rio

      Bianca Del Rio

      And they wouldn't really know :beybawl: Welcome to COP sis, remember you're not a lone at the Danniifanbase :hug: 

    4. life13swift


      Omg I love Kylie's sister. She makes nice remixes I stream her little :)