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  1. Happy birthday daddy


  2. No one. That’s just excessive and too self indulgent.
  3. Sports are incredibly awful. They really aren’t worth it. My older brother dislocated his shoulder when he played soccer but kept wanting to play. I just don’t get it. My main sport these days is lifting an alcoholic beverage during the weekend
  4. I was never into sports (and am still not) but I tried my hand in a little bit of everything (football, soccer, basketball, baseball). Tennis was the one I liked best, because it was the least aggressive. I’m very nearsighted now, so I wouldn’t even want to test my hand-eye coordination these days.
  5. It flew out of her hands. I used to go golfing with my dad when I was younger and it happened to me a lot. Bad technique/inexperience. I’m better at tennis.
  6. I have no idea what’s going on
  7. Some points were made, but in general, I just don’t think the majority of them nor their music are interesting enough to catch on.
  8. That movie was...interesting to say the least! It did have me antsy, and I don’t like creepy clowns like most, but it was kind of...ridiculous after awhile.
  9. Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Lady Gaga. I think she’s a really interesting artist
  10. That’s so weird that it took that long but I’ve had issues with my postal service too. Really incompetent! They had a package of mine for a whole month. Told me they had no trace of it anywhere, nor was it in their back room. About a month later, they plop it down at the counter and the date it had arrived was the first week of September and they had just given it to me around mid October. They really had no excuse and just kind of brushed it off as an “oops” moment on their end.
  11. Are your charts archived, like, can you go back and look at previous charts or is it one constant that just changes from week to week? I’m new to that site and don’t know much about it.
  12. Stream Can’t Get You Out of My Head by Kylie Minogue
  13. Jeff Probst is hot for an old geezer