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  1. Get it! I got myself a Posh Spice shirt recently and am thinking of getting a Baby Spice one now, too. Totally worth it. You know these types of things will be snagged and sold elsewhere online with a higher price when they get sold out. Might as well get it now while you can.
  2. My style is a little eclectic. I do like things that may have an odd or interesting print that you wouldn’t normally see, but I also like a classic tee and a pair of jeans or shorts. I do like graphic tees (like the one I showed you of Posh Spice on SC), nice jackets and coats. It just depends on what I feel like wearing for the day. Some days I want to dress up, some days I want to dress down, some days I want to be a bit in between the two. But, most of my clothes have to be skin-tight. I hate that baggy feeling.
  3. Kylie - When I heard the singles from Rhythm of Love and then listened to Impossible Princess and then Tightrope. Her music helped me deal with a SHIT friendship, so the more I listened to her, the further I dug into her catalogue and the more that I liked. And now I’m a mega fan. Ugh, her mind is so powerful. It truly amazes me! Dannii - When I first heard Neon Nights, one of the best pop albums of all time. Then after listening to the Girl album and then hearing This Is It, I just developed a soft spot for the queen of extreme floppage. She’s kind of the anti-Kylie, like she enjoys to go out and have fun and act a mess, and I like that (even though I love Kylie). And she goes to all of the same places in St Kilda I do, so that makes me stan even harder. Madonna - Again, I was going through a real shit time, and I pulled up Like a Prayer on Spotify after iTunes recommended it to me, and then I listened to Ray of Light (the song) A LOT and I was obsessed. She’s a damn mess, but her music, while sometimes simple, is relatable to most life situations and I loved that.
  4. It’s fine. In a world where gays are constantly made to feel like shit for just being themselves, if they want to dress in skimpy outfits for an event meant to celebrate the gay community, then, I mean, it’s not the end of the world.
  5. It is so cringy to hear straight middle aged women saying “tea” or any variation of “what’s the tea?” I visit the Real Housewives reddit, and it’s mostly straight women in their early 30s saying this constantly.
  6. Listening to Kylie & Dannii & knowing I’m going on an extended holiday soon is the only thing keeping me from walking into heavy traffic right now nn

  7. Happy birthday, sweaty. Stream Kylie Minogue to really get the celebration going.
  8. the best song she’s put out in over a decade.
  9. These hos better deliver! The first movie was a massive bore and felt like more of a drama than a horror film. I think this is a case of a bigger budget doesn’t always mean a better movie. I can’t get over how silly Bill Skarsgard looks as Pennywise.
  10. I see Resident Evil made the list. Well, come through, miss thing. One of the best franchises in existence.
  11. bravorealhousewives, nosleep, thetruthishere
  12. She’s very sweet and she’s from the best country in the world
  13. How do you get over a bad bad BAD breakup with someone? My mind is numb 

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    2. Ray of Light

      Ray of Light

      go out with your friends A LOT I have experienced it - and I still feel a bit broken but going out with friends helped me a lot. Also, talk about your feelings with your friends, cry, hug, etc. 

    3. Homojénik


      Find someone else to heal up your wounds. 

    4. Sempiternal


      I am still going through a bad break up from 4 months ago. It takes a long long time. Legit fill the hole with a new love.