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  1. Exactly! She knows what’s good for the show and will do anything to better it. Vandercunt is too much of a spoiled brat to do that. Kyle said she’d film with Brandi even thought LVC bullied her into saying she wouldn’t before. GODcki is not going anywhere. But I’d be happy if they ditched TamRAT.
  2. Girl, read what I wrote. I said I read it’s doing bad in markets that ARE NOT the U.K. & Australia.
  3. I read it’s doing bad in some (most?) markets that aren’t US, Australia and UK, so probably not for much longer. Bohemian Rhapsody is ready to snatch.
  4. Big Brother 5. It’s bizarre to see what was able to be shown back on TV in 2004 - and the gag is, it’s not even that bad. I mean, a straight person being ignorantly homophobic IS bad, but there is no way in 2018, you’d hear someone on national television openly calling a gay man “a queer” and then laughing about it to his face. With that said, I’m glad said ignorant homophobe has fallen off the face of the earth and was never voted back into a Big Brother season after his second attempt to win the game. Gays truly won!
  5. neonnights

    Kylie Minogue

    I forgot about that one. I only have her first GH and Ultimate Kylie. All of the random ones I don’t keep track of because I know she has quite a number of random compilations. But, I do hope she does something a bit special for the next GH album.
  6. The rumour is that production got a new team of directors and producers and it wasn’t the same people who kissed her ass and treated her like a princess so she threw a fit and that’s how it all started. I’m so glad she’s done. I’m ready for BrandGOD to make her return.
  7. What are your thoughts on kween Brenda from General Hospital?
  8. Speak the truth! I’m so tired of that old rusty cunt and her closeted Liberace lookalike of a husband. The ladies have continued filming without ha and I’m glad Bravo isn’t paying attention to her meltdown. Queen Brandi WON!
  9. She called herself the next Madonna. I can’t!
  10. neonnights

    Kylie Minogue

    I suppose it’s only natural! She’s been through another decade of music since Ultimate GODlie. I just hope it stands out from her last releases. Her first two GH were nothing special honestly apart from the basic as fuck slipcase.
  11. Oh, maybe that’s the more accurate description of the character but the one who was being bullied by the jocks. Anyway, it felt very overly pushed that seemed disingenuous. Like, “See, we are a progressive show with progressive characters!” Very one note with no depth. Like having a gay character who’s main characteristic is that they’re gay. All well intentioned but very “we don’t discriminate” showboat-y feeling. Like the writers wanted to pat themselves on the back
  12. It’s been such a hectic last week. I missed posting here. 

  13. I slept with my brother’s best friend today. Fucking assholes 

    1. AngryAzalean


      NNNNNNNNNN SIS WHAT :hoeanne:

  14. No. She has aged horribly. This is coming from a Britney fan. She looks awful now!
  15. I’m mad because there is ageism against Jeff Probst! Madonna who?! (I’m joking)