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  1. Speakerphone. I don’t know why Kylie fans like it so much. If an overused cum rag in need of a good wash were a sound, it would be that song.
  2. He’s so hot, isn’t he? Omg. I’d let him mangle my hole beyond recognition
  3. The Fag Monster. I mean, Monster is THAT song.
  4. A link to what, my butthole pics? No, I’m just kidding. I know what you’re talking about, Barbie.
  5. No matter how many times you stream Side B, it will never, ever be better than Warm Blood.
  6. Not when Warm Blood exists on the main album.
  7. The taste jumped out. Shades of Cool is that depressed twink anthem. We stan.
  8. Welcome to boards. What are your fave Lana and Carly songs and why are they Blue Jeans and Warm Blood?
  9. It’s a fun game, but there are a lot of jump scares. The graphics are so shitty nowadays and they take a lot of the suspense out of it, but it was, to me, a scary game to play when I was younger.
  10. Have you gays ever heard of a game called Dino Crisis? It’s an old OLD PlayStation game.
  11. I think you should pull a Tonya Harding and crack her in the knee and end ha career. Maybe damage their vocal chords so they can’t sing......KIDDING. I’m just kidding. I’m gonna watch The Little Mermaid.
  12. You hos need to pay Dannii some respect and give the good sis a few streams.