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  1. I used to be afraid that my parents would abruptly leave me. As an adult, I get worried that close relationships I may form may end abruptly, so I don’t get too TOO close often. I have a small tight knit group of long-term friends that I’m very close with, and a much larger group of acquaintances I’m not too close with and I prefer it that way.
  2. Doing all of that for USC of all places, too. I mean, at least aim for an Ivy if you’re going to be going through all of that trouble.
  3. Nothing too bad. Just stole a few books once and drank when I was underage.
  4. I can’t imagine willingly giving someone, who, by all means is able-bodied to go out and get a job, money. It just doesn’t compute. The sad thing is, his following have given his mindset a certain credence and I doubt he’ll ever grow up until his spark starts to fade, which probably won’t be anytime soon.
  5. Yes. It’s from a 2005 issue of Rolling Stone
  6. Outside of Canada and like 40 year old gays, she’s only known for ha 90s hits let’s be real.
  7. I choose what I listen to. As A*azingA*alean pointed out, it’s most Kylie and Dannii (or Madonna). But I don’t get bored of them, so.
  8. Ask him if he likes the musical stylings of Kylie Ann Minogue. #goldenpromo
  9. Thanks. At least I made it into most snubbed, though.
  10. Yes! I wish they had ghost hunting-ish tours of the Linda Vista Hospital. I’d be all over it.
  11. Music and Lyrics. It was cheesy but cute.
  12. Iggy who? @AmazingAzalean 


    1. AmazingAzalean


      NOOOOO I watched this ages ago and my toes curled into my skin the criiiingeee