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  1. I mean, I really like her - she has some great music. "Be the One" is lowkey one of the best pop tracks of the decade, let's be real. But as for why she's perhaps overrated, it's probably because it's been a while now since a legitimate, fully-fledged star artist has emerged among women in pop music. We have some making brilliant music, we have some collecting a hit or two, but Dua having some smash hits was pretty exciting. It's kind of the same reason a lot of stans lately are hyping up Ava Max and "Sweet But Psycho" - pretty good, catchy, fresh face, etc.
  2. I know she said she'd let both eras run together, but if this song manages to debut at #1 - and thereby kind of upstage all the Sweetener singles - I could see her and her team shifting focus to this new record, even though Sweetener was the biggest pop era of the year. The fact that this smashed at the outset will hugely benefit the album. It's also kind of THAT song but that's beside the point by now, isn't it?
  3. Lemme sign up for Spotify again just in case, I'll drop $5 to get a CRJ single a day early. I'm so hyped I think I might die. Low-key jealous of those who have heard it already, but I can live one more day.
  4. TONIGHT?? OMFG. 😭 Any word on other streaming services? I use Google play but uh, I guess I might switch tonight!
  5. Amen, to Godlie be the glory. All there is to say on this!
  6. Ugh, me on the day "Backseat" was released. I'm so ready for these girls to destroy me again. I almost hope we get two versions - I need some epic new solo Carly in my life, but anything with both of them just... Yas and a half.
  7. Everyone else can retire now; the greatest thing we have is about to rise again. Can we just fast forward a few days so I can play this so much my ears bleed? Like, I need to drink to this song already.
  8. Yas sis, put my name on there. As long as I survive the day that is - the "Dope" faithful might come for my head! But I'm always willing to spread some gospel truth about the best discography of the 2000's.
  9. Hmm, I'd gladly join in on this if it means I eventually get to praise the living shit out of "So Happy I Could Die." "Dope" is a solid 2, on a good day, so I'll go with that! Y'all did DITD wrong tho, smdh. An anthem.
  10. We really aren't worthy of this song, are we? What a legend. Honestly it's impressive how well she's performed in streaming, historically. Even Focus was a low-key slay on streaming.
  11. Moonlight

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    Allie X - Super Sunset Specifically, "Can't Stop Now" but this whole EP is WILD. Honey, snatch me directly into hell and raise me from the dead, this is GOOD.
  12. Ugh, her MIND. The whole record is highkey brilliant, but "Because It's In the Music" really did that. All that 'n a bag of chips. I swear, she just gets better with every project. The layers, the vocals, the heavenly synths possessing my body and soul - this album's got everything and more. "Honey" is still the female song of the year without question, nothing else comes close - but there's plenty of room to share here on the album of the year (to date). PS: not loving "Send to Robin Immediately" is a crime.
  13. So like, risk my life and body - after not being allowed to for years because being a homo might distract the other soldiers? For a country with a veep that wants to fry my brain into straightness and plenty of politicians that want me dead? Nah fam, the military ain't it. Not for me. No judgment to those sistren for whom it works and all that, but I wouldn't. Plus, I'm clearly not cut out for that kinda work and I'd get bored fast. I'm a forum homosexual who listens to Ariana Grande on repeat and who hasn't lifted a day in his life; I'd pass out and die five seconds into training.
  14. I mean yeah and Jackie was lowkey fucking lit, but I don't see iconic would-be-smash Kiss & Tell in this thread more than once yet? The real crime here.