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  1. Hi sweetie! x Hiiiii!! x Yous right sweetcheeks! x Awe nice to meet you too! Thank you! x
  2. You must dream really small dreams, sunshine. x
  3. If I'm that easily forgettable, maybe I should send you my ass again. FUCK yes please mami!
  4. Maybe if you showed this mami some appreciation from time to time you'd get a little excitement in response to your presence.
  5. I wake up every morning hoping for either a sassy snapchat or discord message from him. I live for it.
  6. Urm, sweetcheeks, we made a playlist TOGETHER!
  7. That's rather subjective sweetie, but that's fine! Each to their own x x x
  8. Educate me then, you god damn cumrag.
  9. What is your name? - Tate Ashlen Dannielle Allen, don't wear it out sweeties x Where are you from? - The sweet centre of England x x Who do you stan? - You know the standards, Brandon Rogers, Shane Dawson, Bara-- Wait, we're talking music? Obviously @AngryAzalean Do you have any other hobbies? - Art, Photography, Singing, Gaming. Is there anything else you'd like to share? - My art [on my twitter], my photography [on my instagram], my ratchet ass opinions, and @AngryAzalean & @agfire18 's booty's.