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  1. i think that's their version of "dancing"
  2. the way i had to drag UGga bc @A Star Is Born just HAD to step out of line :beycute:

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    2. fentypark


      @A Star Is Born FUME BITCH!!!! :lmfao:

    3. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      Those fumes .... 

    4. SarasWorstNightmare


      I thought I smelt petrol but it was just the fumes lmao 

  3. and she had the nerve to pull the collab off itunes and streaming services as if there aren't videos all over the internet of him humping her on stage on national tv
  4. resorting to nonsense bc you can't come up with a good drag as a response. typical UGLEE stan
  5. 1. but their STUDIO albums did 2B+ with 99% less promo than ASIB. LOUD which is almost 10 years old has even passed 1 billion streams. girl move the fuck around 2. how's haus of ugly doing tho sweetie? your fave literally did a collab and performed on stage with a pedophile while he pretended to hump on her. whew ... the lack of awareness
  6. its been long time since i had to drag gaga and her delusional monsters buuuuuuut here we go .... First off saweetie, artpop FLOPPED. every other major pop girl that released between 2012-2014 hit 1 million pure yet your fave didn't and with streams included the album isn't even 2x plat lmfaoooooo " it took your fave a decade to make a decent body of work (Anti)" .. this statement is just laughable. Rihanna AND Beyonce have both outstreamed, outsold, and outacclaimed gaga with EASE while having more albums. Gaga's recurrent streams are so shitty lmfaooooo. and you had the nerve to say that as if BTW, ARTPOP, and TFM aren't a bunch of electronic noise 2B streams is not impressive for a soundtrack with a movie attached to it. did you forget all of that promotion and campaigning they did? Rihanna gave 1+ million copies of anti away FOR FREE and still outdid Joanne in pure sales and streams on top of being more acclaimed. Gaga is the only one that needed the help of a movie so early in her career
  7. a pop genius doesn't burn out after her second album
  8. my nigga red flaggin', I'm jet-laggin' big baguettes around his neck and his pants saggin'  

  9. if that's the best song on it, i know that album is hot garbage
  10. I just made an account on FOTP and *cracks knuckes* I'm ready to drag
  11. while he stans katy fucking perry of all people ... looks like i need to make an account there and drag his ass as well