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  1. Juicy J is well known to people who listen to hip-hop but not the GP. yeah the singer is usually what makes the song chart but girls on this forum like to throw tired shade saying that the song topped the chart bc of the rapper
  2. let some of the girls here tell it, the rapper is the reason the song goes #1
  3. when your fave isn’t good at her primary occupation (singing) so you have to stan chart positions
  4. the way she brought up #1s then tried to move the goalpost to “solo only” so it’ll benefit taylor
  5. the fact that you have to cap it off at solo .. the shade literally writes itself
  6. and even then ... Billboard HOT100 #1 Songs Beyonce: 6 Taylor: 5 .. so idk what you were even trying to get at with that self drag
  7. i don't know and don't care who/what Tove Lo and disco tits is/are. go stream YNTCD and maybe just maybe she'll finally hit #1 after pulling out all the stops
  8. yep it’s called TALENT. miss swift should try to get one
  9. girl are you dumb? she’s 30 years old. she shouldn’t be immersed in stan twitter
  10. that happened to beyonce and we got self-titled. it happened to rihanna and we got anti. happening to taylor and we get kidz bop music? you see the issue here? is it clicking now? and those lyrics read like she was on stan twitter the whole time she was writing the song ... at her big age
  11. lol idk why these girls like to try it with me when they don’t have the range
  12. rihanna is objectively a stronger vocalist than those two. don’t group her with them, it’s looks quite silly. my opinion about taylor’s songwriting abilities is just my opinion but one the GP seems to agree with in 2019
  13. girl keep the essays. beyonce isn’t the only person i go up for hence why i listed other artists (who write & sing better than taylor) in a previous post. let’s try to keep up with the pack sis .. and baby “conversate” isn’t a word
  14. she's not even on rihanna's level vocally baby