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  1. you’re asking us to choose between trash and garbage
  2. yes. $4.99-9.99 to listen to any song you want at any time is DIRT cheap. I don't see how spotify is even surviving with their low prices and when a lot of their users steam on the ad supported tier
  3. and will do so when necessary if you keep stepping out of line
  4. 1. Lemonade was released in 2016 and outsold every ariana album ever released and almost all of them combined (US) 2. The live album has a higher critics rating than any ariana album 3. If ariana is in control of all aspects of her music, why'd she go urban (although quite generic) and release Thank U, Next 6 months after sweetener underperformed, why is she touring when she truly doesn't want to?
  5. breakdowney isn't an opinionated drag .. the shit literally happened LMFAOOO
  6. you'll have to ask her. she's in complete control of her music but i know a ponytail stan wouldn't know anything about that
  7. i don't have opinions on artists' personalities .. just their ART (you know the thing you actually experience from them). you are insufficiently equipped to win this argument. give it up deelishis
  8. it's not. he/she can't drag so they had to resort to their petty racism. it never fails with knee stans
  9. your illogical and ill-informed "opinion" is null and void being that you've never had an interactions with her. stick to stiffknee and her heavily autotune dependent "vocals"
  10. you got dragged in the buzz single thread already, you're trying to get the rest of your straight, thin, frail edges snatched out in this one as well?
  11. you're so pressed .... you mad at the wrong person(s) babygirl
  12. you don't have to be impressed or even care about her giving money lol .. but you do appear (and i'm sure you are) pressed