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  1. rihanna has already showed the pop girls how it’s done for 10 years .. there’s no incentive for her to go back to pop
  2. bc her reign won't let up. the girls are fuming and she hasn't even dropped music yet
  3. dragging britney i understand lmfaooo but how could you drag a legend like mariah?
  4. diamonds in 2012. CLIMBED to #1 and STAYED there for 3 weeks .. not everybody has that
  5. damn hoe here you go again .. kanye west has what to do with this exactly?? i know what i don’t see ... miss stiffney being on the list.
  6. okay .. so your opinion <<<<<< rollingstone. just say you mad and go
  7. I find it funny the stans of other pop girls like to drag rihanna and say she's not influential or has no impact but here she is the highest ranking pop girl on the list. Rolling Stone's Millennial 100
  8. whew chile some of y'all need to read a book or travel outside of your hometown .. of all the beautiful things that are in africa the first thing that comes to y'all's mind is starving children? .. there are literally starving children everywhere around the world even in the united states
  9. rihanna told us we would never have to wait that long for new music during the anti tour and here we are almost 1000 days later with no new music
  10. no. they're just mad bc they started a shady thread and their fave ended up get entire cap peeled back
  11. actually african-americans typically hold conservative views when it comes to things like same sex marriage, abortion, praying in schools, etc. .. they just don't vote republican bc they bathe in racism
  12. is she really? did she personally tell you that?
  13. but people have his name in their mouth .. who's talking about britney?? .. NOBODY
  14. and still more musically respected than britney ... NEXT!