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  1. baby bringing up beyonce doesn't bother me. i routinely listen to artist who can outwrite taylor even on their worst days (kehlani, j cole, usher, mariah, etc.) please go away from me and go stream that kidzbop song
  2. her stans hail her as some great songwriter when all i hear is elementary lyrics the avg. middle schooler could've written
  3. you expect a cover of an OLD R&B song to do better than a generic pop record? whew y'all need to use logic when dragging
  4. somewhere at the bottom of the bottom 50. the song isn't even in the top 100 on apple music
  5. People really like to agitate you then cop a plea when confronted .. truly some fraud s***! :lmfao:

  6. y'all act like stuff old people say (especially in the music industry) is law and it isn't. miss warwick was talking out the side of her neck. surely if beyonce isn't iconic, then no artist that's popular today is. she deserved the draggings. she's no gatekeeper that gets to say what's iconic and what not? especially when legends more popular than miss warrick think otherwise
  7. i smoke weed quite literally everyday
  8. people listen to music for the person that SINGS it not who wrote it. you thought that drag was clever .. you are truly delusional
  9. i cant even take your "drags" serious and on top of that you have a taylor swift avi .. the bitch has minimal vocal talent AT BEST
  10. wow using HIV as a drag in 2019 for what? girl you are FUMING