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  1. I just made an account on FOTP and *cracks knuckes* I'm ready to drag
  2. while he stans katy fucking perry of all people ... looks like i need to make an account there and drag his ass as well
  3. i thought the site was closing. what's tea saweetie?

    1. New Beginnings

      New Beginnings

      MORE MEMBERS  than world of tragedy omg maybe we should stay open and do a comeback 

  4. skskskskksksksksks not EVERYBODY calling him miss craig .. i thought it was just me
  5. when gaga started flopping with her 4th album. but to gaga's credit, she has actual vocal talent while madonna never had any
  6. and even on her worst day still more talented than gaga
  7. right!! i cannot wait for gaga's next SOLO era bc baby I'm going to DRAG