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  1. She didn't remain relevant for her music though, she stayed relevant for being a mess. As long as she cleaned up her act no one cared anymore. She had fad #1s that only reached #1 in the first week because of her fanbase and payola. The songs only lasted one week at #1 and aren't remembered by anyone but her fans
  2. You know that diet isn't good for you right?
  3. I'm not saying that some of her accomplishments aren't impressive. But Britney is overrated in every way for some reason, they overrate her dancing skills (which weren't even that impressive in her prime if you look back), they overrate her so-called singing (except her only singing live like 5 times in the past 20 years) and they overrate her success and impact. Yes, her first two albums were big and she's had some iconic singles, but she faded FAST. How are you gonna compare Ariana's pure sales to someone who got most of these sales when people actually bought albums and even singles?? The music industry and how people consume music is totally different now
  4. Because who from the older generations have been vegans??? lmao. You can keep eating your meat but you can't really deny the health benefits of being vegan or even vegetarian
  5. It really depends on the song tbh. Some songs I get bored of after a couple of weeks but other songs I can listen to literally every day for months without getting bored.
  6. However, while concentrations of some contaminants may be decreased, switching to organic meat does nothing to decrease the risk for the diseases that remain the biggest killers of Americans. Cholesterol, fat (especially saturated fat), and animal protein are the major culprits in meat that are associated with higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. They are also associated with the development of the many risk factors that lead to these diseases, including obesity and hypertension. Essentially not any better for you or the environment, but stay woke sis!
  7. Ariana isn't the one praised as a "legend!!!" (yet) though. An untalented girl with underwhelming success doesn't deserve to be called a legend or even an icon. I mean in that case, Cardi's already a legend
  8. why is the best song to ever be made