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  1. I’m really not trying to play the victim, I’m just saying he’s a liar and not at all telling things how they actually happened.
  2. But keep spreading your lies to make me look worse than I actually am, and to make yourself look good. I’m officially done and won’t be replying any further, it’s like talking to a brick wall.
  3. I am done but you keep telling the story your way, and it’s not right. You’re a straight up liar. But whatever. I never once took Craig’s side because I was against you, it had nothing to do with whatever beef you have with Craig. It you go back you can literally see me telling you both you’re annoying as fuck.
  4. Go to bat for Craig?? I never did or took his side, I’ve literally said you’re both fucking annoying for your constant bickering in Marnie’s server. No one else cares about it.
  5. The way you’re telling me to not get involved in other people’s business like 5 times today but you do the exact same thing? The irony. I’m done here now, really.
  6. No, you brought up the tour gross shit, remember? Anyways, I’m done talking to you now, I left that server we were both in. Bye.
  7. I won’t get into it any further because it’s not worth it, but you sure spend a lot of time on pop music forum drama and holding grudges from drama that happened years ago on other forums for a “28 year old pharmacist”. Not everyone wants or needs an higher education to be content, when it comes to work I’m happy with what I do and earn enough to live comfortably and way beyond that, so I’m good.
  8. That’s after you started it with me and I stand by everything I said - and yes, I know no one likes me either before you try to use that as an argument again.
  9. The anger issues you have The way your sad 28 year old self gets so invested in pop music forum drama Fucking sad! You may not have catfished anyone with pictures, but no one buys that act you try to put up. Bye!
  10. Too big for my boots because I asked a fucking question? I can’t... I didn’t tell him where to post or not, I simply asked if it was needed here.
  11. I asked a simple question, you need to calm tf down. No one knows who Urbanov is, why are you adressing someone from another forum here when it’s not related to COP at all? Find another way to talk to him.
  12. He has a good voice, but what is that cheap green screen background? Lmao. That was distracting. He didn't need that.
  13. Okay I didn't like the song at first, but it's a bop!! Reminds me of their earlier music, like Move. Honestly the best pop release this year since Ariana. And this is their BEST video. All of the looks are FIRE