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  1. I think we all knew this was coming. You let this happen because you are too stubborn to give anyone else a chance to take over. I haven’t posted and barely visited this place for months because it got so bad. I really had fun here, especially in the beginning. I regret some of my actions here badly, but overall I had a good time, although everything has been extremely toxic for the last 7 months. I always had somewhere to talk about music and throw shade with likeminded people. So I thank you for that time. And for the fun events, especially COP Survivor and some of the megarates.
  2. He has a good voice, but what is that cheap green screen background? Lmao. That was distracting. He didn't need that.
  3. Okay I didn't like the song at first, but it's a bop!! Reminds me of their earlier music, like Move. Honestly the best pop release this year since Ariana. And this is their BEST video. All of the looks are FIRE
  4. Taylor's music this era is SHIT. It's fucking basic as fuck. She's made pretty basic pop music for a while now, but what the actual fuck are her 2 latest songs? They sound so dated and uninspired, I can't. Sounds like something Hailee Steinfeld or some other C-list pop star would release. She deserves no success with this music.
  5. I'm not bitter! I've been supportive of COP and genuinely want it to thrive again it's the only forum I like, hence I never left even though everyone else did, but with the current owner and the current state it's in, I don't really see anything working out. But I hope I'm wrong.
  6. Good luck with that, you’ll need it. You barely have 2 members post a day, no one’s gonna join a forum that looks like a graveyard.
  7. So which age is it? 26, 28 or 31??
  8. Miley FINALLY delivered! I haven’t liked anything she has released after Bangerz (except for Malibu) but this is really good! Mother’s Daughter is the best song imo, but I actually like all of the songs. Cattitude is fun! I’m glad she realized she should make music more in the lane of Bangerz instead of country shit
  9. It’s out! And she revealed she will release two more EPs
  10. Quite a few people are releasing singles/EPs tomorrow. Which release are you more excited for?