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  1. It’s not insensitive and nowhere did they say or even imply that #metoo victims are weak. You’re trying to make an issue out of nothing. None of you would bat an eye if Beyoncé, Rihanna or any other strong woman said this. You want to cancel Little Mix so bad.
  2. This is an American holiday and I don’t celebrate it. Always wanted to though, it seems really nice.
  3. The meltdown :cacklega: Anwyay, women > men 

  4. I would love to reply to this but unlike you I’m not a mod so I’d end up with stupid WPs
  5. Can you stop doing all the irrelevant songs no one’s heard
  6. I don’t care if you were serious or not, you’re encouraing the people here who actually believe shit like that.
  7. All she does is release bops and acts cute on social media praising her fans and showing her love for Piggy Smalls  She literally doesn't come for or bother anyone  I think she needs to be treated with kindness!