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  1. Maybe that's why Don't Say You Love Me video is better than Down
  2. Ariana will release an album of course June will outsell May
  3. that's funny cause literally no one is talking about that event anymore and everybody is hyping her upcoming releases, might wanna tone down the bitterness
  4. hunnie better bet jesus from heavens will descend first before ariana's career
  5. Why is everybody shocked at this point. Every Demi era is wasted tbh. So many songs wasted starting from Unbroken to present. Her label is screwing her over js
  6. Promotion honestly. Still salty when we were hyping secret love song in get weird era till they announced it's a uk single only, mess! Mostly their singles are not WW releases.
  7. Artemis


    I thought that era ended ages ago when she tossed it out and going everywhere for features track
  8. Watch it tumble down next week. It's obviously just there because of the hype.
  9. Though I liked the Glee version a little better since I find Cyndi's dramatic, still iconic
  10. Leona Lewis only had 2 songs that entered the top 20. "Better In Time" (which is also a bop from Spirit) was released as her second single and peaked at 11 WHILE Bleeding Love was still charting so it was over-shadowed. I don't think that justifies to not classify her OHW-ness since the general public only remembers her for Bleeding Love. So maybe she's a two hit wonder I guess?
  11. I stan Ariana so hard but I will never get stans who says Ariana is better than MC. It's downright embarassing.
  12. mess the stans are actually aiming for best new artist
  13. I was actually waiting for @DangerousWoman 's messy thread about BTS hitting #1. Can't believe I was the first one to point out their album got top. Where'd she and other BTS stans go what did i miss