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  1. Lucky

    I miss you

  2. lol i have seen older photos of him where he looked completely different wtf and where the fak did this transformation came from
  3. so i am gay because i like pop? even though my true #1 genre is rock ok good to know i am gay
  4. how can i miss anyone when i don't even miss this place itself , not been active for weeks
  5. i am the one who is loyal, fun and trustworthy but yet a little bit paranoid no matter how cute of a friend you are because i know for a fact that 95% of people you meet, no matter if they become your dearest friend, you can't trust shit They can say the sweetest things but could think completely different inside their heads #ratherbelittleparanoidthangullible
  6. what do you mean kinda? she was part of one the biggest and well known girl groups, she is and always will be a kpop star lol
  7. as i expected maybe we can be friends i love them two things too, a lot
  8. that is one of the best kpop gifs ever to be honest
  9. do you like avatar the last airbender and the latest tomb raider movie?