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  1. The fatties in this rate better realise that 2014 was Taylord's year. The SMASH after SMASH after SMASH on 1989.
  2. She's constantly dragged bc the ways her fans gas her up=/=her in actuality.
  3. OOOP. Miss Barbie didn't have to snap so hard with this and drag his self hating gay ass.
  4. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Remember her fat lardy ass at the EMAs? She has such horrible proportions it's laughable how she thinks ANYONE would want her obese lawn gnome looking ass.
  5. Imagine being a prolific, well respected actor who has made a name for himself in the game to only be hit on by this disgusting Nazi. Michael B. Jordan knows better than to stick his penis inside plastic STD ridden vaginas. The way this monstrosity thinks ANYONE will go down to her sewage rat level.
  6. Did Legend Mix have to consort with disgusting, human rights-less, baby murdering Nazis? I mean goirls... You can do so much better.
  7. She truly has the most poisoned diseased touch doesn't she? The anything she touches rots and breaks its neck on the charts.
  8. Wait Sabrina Carpetmuncher's new alberm isn't a prostituted fad ridden mess.

    @Treacherous Lovatic may have made some points.

  9. They're all hilariously funny in different ways. Vyrus for her pathetic and desperate attempt at maintaining relevant and keeping that panned career afloat. Semen for being the biggest joke God has ever queefed out from his prolapsed anus. Demon most of all for having the most hilarious career, image, and life.
  10. 23 martyrs for the cause of Ariallah. We never forget the 23 and their brave sacrifice so Ariallah could SMASH. Also Semena and Demon are worthless prostitutes.
  11. Ariallah is about to have her first #1 this era even though haters proclaimed this would be her "last relevant era". Her ticket sales are doing very well and the public just can't get enough of her. Semen and Demon are currently locked up in padded rubber cells with no human dignity while they try and flush out whatever toxins they've injected in their STD ridden bodies while Ari is absolutely WINNING. How do you think the OAHs feel that they constantly take L's? She just keeps winning. Thoughts? @jackgrande @KarenFromFinance @Venti @Tattooed Heart
  12. anaL's career hasn't been sustained past BtD. Girl, where you been for the past 6 years? The true definition of a fad.
  13. The way I have to manage streaming Tempo and thank u,next.