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  1. The fact World of Pop is doing better than Church of Pop when CoP had all the resources necessary to thrive.

    R.I.P. CoP you were THAT bitch during the summer of 2018

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    2. Msl


      Dirkje is so hypocrticial, calls herself 'dramafree' but she was begging me to send you ss of Marnie talking shit about you a few months ago lol Now her and Sara don't even talk to me cuz i joked about WOP being a "cemetery" skskskskks

    3. Msl


      She even called @King or Queen "MSL's puppet" cuz he told her to ban that racist member Burning Up and she didn't want to

    4. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      How dare she. If anything the puppet is Sara. 

  2. Godmala Harris just announced her bid for the 2020 presidency.:ariicant::ariicant:

    Trump is OVER, periodT.

  3. Cardi trending while talking about the government shutdown?

    :ariicant: :ariicant: :ariicant:

    She just can't stop winning. She always just stays there. I can stand it. 

  4. I just found out that Soldier 76 is GAY.

    the SEETHING white heterosexual males giving me LIFE. :ariicant:

    Thoughts at @Barbie

    1. Riding The M-Train!

      Riding The M-Train!

      Never heard of him but yay for more lgbt representation in games

    2. Barbie


      I just have to LAUGH at the pressed heteros saying they won’t play him or the game anymore because he’s gay as if that changes the fact that he’s a badass soldier and one of the best characters gameplay wise. They really think they doing something like overwatch hasn’t always been lgbtq+ friendly :kelly:

      But it just proves we have a white gay in the game before a black woman, and I WANT a black girl hero :demiscream:

    3. kipperskipper


      hi legend i wanna ask u something :kipperskipper3:

  5. She hates fags, loves pedos and rapists, and can't get a #1 for her life.
  6. The Gilette ad is all sorts of ICONIC. :ariicant:

    I haven't see that many meltdowns by straight white men since Gamergate. :ariicant:


  7. Hide your kids from these host of vile creatures.
  8. First her older brother Jehlani Maraj who was convicted of raping and threatening to physically abuse a 13 year old girl, then her preference of hanging around with other sexual offenders who have a disturbing interest in minors ( 6ix 9ine), and finally her dating her pedo rapist boyfriend. Does she (and her family) need medical attention in the form of a psychiatric hospital? Do they deserve to rot in prison for their unholy perversion of nature? Thoughts below. @Homojénik @Mocha @Elusive Loverboy @BuryTheCarbie @CUZ!CAN Edit: Video footage of him being 13 and Nazi forcing her fat, obese, plastic on him.
  9. Unless she scrubs Rape Kelly from the writing credits, he is still making coinT off that song.
  10. Nazi Garbaj after finding out that R. Kelly is a pedo and rapist in Surviving R. Kelly.

    Image result for legs open gif

  11. The audacity of the Garbz showing their faces on this site again when your disgusting, vile, and rapist dating fave had to go to BTSHIT of all kpop acts to get a quick lil single (it flopped btw). 

    :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao:

    They're truly grasping at whatever remnants of their sanity they have left that haven't been shredded to bits by the lashings and floppage of their putrid fave.


    1. PopCommentator


      DESTROY IT :kelly: 

  12. He looks like the type of man Nazi would rent her vagina out too for a few lines of crack and some publicity.
  13. How many times do we have to go through this? Nazi is the most disgusting, vile, and irredeemable creature that has ever been birthed into existence. DJ Obesity is just fat and sexist.
  14. Let's call a nazi a nazi, shall we? She is OBESE. Just one look at this overweight lard ridden monstrosity and you can see why every man she dates runs for the hills.