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  1. If @jackgrande is straight then Rachel Dolezal is a black woman.
  2. Only ever the white variety though.
  3. Hope you buckled in for the 3 more threads that will be addressimg this topic.
  4. This is the most activity this forum has had since July.
  5. I never said they weren't awful it's just that they did drive a lot of site traffic. Honestly the one thing that would be AMAZING for CoP is if our discussion threads for artists/music/whatever didn't die after the first few days. The only thread I'm interested in is the CoP bc it's somewhere you can discuss anything.
  6. We need some variety in the drama that we argue about on CoP.


    1. Dirkje


      You could create some threads :shrug:

    2. AngryAzalean


      That's an interesting thought :rly:

  7. If you want a good site you need messy asf members. Nothing brings in users more than slapfights about trivial pointless bs.You got rid of @beysus, @Nice For What, @mokitsu and while what they said/tried to do was really scummy you have to admit the amount of traffic they generated with their mess alone was pretty amazing. I remember the back and forths between @Nice For What and @Dangerous Woman giving SYG like 10+ pages overnight. Also there seem to be A LOT of very interesting old users who were banned that seemed to have contributed a lot to this site. @Salvatore it's your time sis start those interesting threads.
  8. The reason CoP is failing is bc it seems like the site is kinda falling apart. A lot of the old blood is inactive or are MIA. The young blood of the site aren't doing enough of the heavy lifting (posting interesting articles, interesting threads, etc) to entice more users to join. There isn't a defining factor as to why people would come to CoP than FOMOTRL and I say this as someone who likes it here (for the most part). KKKTRL is almost ALWAYS busy or active with something to do/check on. You have your daily dose of WTF news, entertaining slap fights in SYG, pop culture/gossip, and other forum activities like listening parties and games. Not saying CoP doesn't have these but the other site just does what we do x100 in terms of size. The only time I've felt compelled to stay on this site was during the RPDR game or to check up on some friends.
  9. This is you joking but UGH. the TEA that was spilledT.
  10. The Chinese bitches in these games always got some of the most obvious "I'M CHINESE" designs ever. ESPECIALLY when they just put that bitch in a qipao and gave her twin buns and called it a day. Lili Rochefort has one of the best designs of the female characters. We love white loli excellence. Gay culture is playing Mercy fully knowing the Genji and Tracer teammates you have will flame you for not playing Ana-L or Zzzenyatta. We love suffering for no reason.
  11. This is Doodle Jump but with nicer graphics.
  12. Wbk gay culture is playing the most scantily dressed female character that acts with CUNT or sass. Lili truly is THAT bitch in Tekken. We love it when the white excellence JUMPS out. The Chinese bitch in that game could NEVER. Modern day gay culture is when your hetero team mates on OW annoy the shit out of you asking for heals and you proceeding to annoy them by pocketing the one nice person who stood up for you as the rest call you fag. Also Injustice>Tekken>Mortal Kumfads.
  13. Tea. They also probably have #masc4masc on their Grindr. We been knew you probably only play Mileena or Kitana. I wanna get the new DS to play Pokefads Sun and Moon but they all say the game has gone to shit. We been knew PokeGODs Diamond and Pearl outsoldT as the last good gen.
  14. Sanitize it Satan. Destroy it Dionysus. Annhilate it Allah. Ban it Buddha. Get it away God. DELETE IT FAT.
  15. These gaming companies are committing robbery of the highest degree with some of these upmarked, prostituted, RIDICULOUS prices for their consoles. I see everyone praising the PS4 over the (Chubbi) Xbox but that shit be nearly 300 dollars. That's almost 2/3rds of one of my paychecks.