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  1. she said recently she's hoping to release before the end of september this year
  2. omg the Cahill Edit is AMAZING! that's the one I'm adding to my playlists, it gives me the new Cheryl flavor while appeasing my summer bop needs
  3. good song overall, I was hoping it would bump a little harder like Call My Name since we're going into summer
  4. not something that wows me, but I enjoy it and I haven't enjoyed something from her since Teenage Dream
  5. I feel like waiting 2 weeks is a mistake...they've built up some nice hype and buzz with the teasers, but like I think 1 week would have been smarter. 2 weeks they could really lose momentum and this buzz would have been for nothing, unless they have more surprises coming
  6. ok THIS IS A HOE BOP!!! probably one of my favs out of the bunch
  7. I hope Rita never stops making music and starts getting success here in the states
  8. same I wish she was doing like a friends EP with all her tight friends doing collabs, but oh well this better have new songs and not just remixes
  9. I hope this is like a special extended instrumental just to be used as teasers and this portion isn't actually this long in the real song
  10. who told her this was a good idea.....
  11. I honeslty completely forgot about YN so this does make a lot more sense now
  12. Is there a way to download the expansion packs for free?? Since this is free I got into it again and downloaded tons of mods and wanna keep it going