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  1. this beautiful bitch with the surprise ass wedding!! now I hope she can concentrate on music again instead of wedding planning. WE ARE READY AND WAITING GURLLLLL
  2. Normani DID THAT during her portion of Love Lies! It honestly could have had Khalid sitting in the audience and it would have still been a showstopper. Kelly was such a great host and all the vocals she was serving were teaching the lessers. Ariana was a cute opener. Maren killed it in The Middle. Overall this was a major step up from past years!
  3. I hope that the late release date means we get the duet with Ari as a single next month!
  4. omg I need a Switch for the Eevee edition!
  5. THIS JUST IN!! Flowers a pissed at Machine Gun Kelly for titling his album Bloom after they've already bloomed.
  6. I don't wanna get to excited about this if by chance it totally disappoints, but loving this post!
  7. Saw Hayley Kiyoko this past weekend. Next month I have JoJo, Jesse McCartney, and Dua Lipa. July I have Britney. August I'm still looking for a show. September I have Naill & Maren. October I have a country festival with a bunch of people. Still looking for November and December also.
  8. it was good TV for a few episodes, but it's gotten so overwhelming and unnecessary! Gimme more quality kikis between queens in the workroom
  9. I'd love one of these! Sometimes these threads get so long and it would be great to get back to the top!
  10. Loved this episode!! The Cher rusical ended up much better than I expected! So happy for Kameron, the entire bar screamed when she won! So glad everything ended up the way it did. I hope now the show kinda follows talent instead of drama since Vixen is gone.
  11. I can't view it for some reason, it says not available in my country
  12. I'm sad for her, but also happy this is over cause she deserves someone more attractive. but also like this is convenient timing for promo for the single