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  1. so fucking pumped for Maren to keep getting this exposure!!!
  2. I'm not fully grasping all this hate on Trixie?? I think Shangela was robbed of the top 2 completely, but I'm still super happy Trixie won! She truly embodies what an all star is, she has completely taken her original time on the show and catapulted it into an amazing career. Kennedy didn't deserve to be top 2, it should have been Trixie and Shangie to lip sync and that would have been fair. Top 4 should have been Trixie, Shangela, Ben, and Aja imo.
  3. ummmmm this is a fucking bop!!! so much better than I expected! Louisa did that!
  4. One Stone is out!! Go listen and support the amazing queen Trixie!!
  5. the same reason E•MO•TION didn't smash
  6. do yall think she'd do a surprise album drop next Thursday after the drag race premiere?
  7. thanks! I'll have to listen when I get home!
  8. what a stupid decision to sign with him, she must have not had any other offers.....
  9. literally he's so fucking talented!! we stan 5eva!