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  1. SO FUCKING GLAD RAJAH IS GONE! This nasty bitch is literally so cringeworthy. Tonight when she was like "they gonna put me in the bottom because they want a show" its like NO BITCH THEY PUT YOU THERE CAUSE YOU AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH. And then when she confronted Plastique in untucked and Plastique literally was like "what was inconsistent and bothered you" and Rajah just goes "I don't want to get into it right now" like of course you fucking don't cause you're just pressed you aren't doing well in the competition. When she got so pissed at Scarlet for simply answering Ru's question just like she did I was livid too. I love Vanjie but she truly has got to get it together, this week was better, but like gurl you are so well liked and popular but your runways do not match up right now Nina is also so great, but that garment looked unfinished, the top was great and if she had made a big kinda flowy burlap floor length skirt to go with it she would have slayed
  2. honestly all the covers have been great! I love that she personalizes each show a bit, it makes it seem special to see her in concert again!
  3. definitely Justin or Bey, I chose Justin tho cause that song is infectious!
  4. she should have just kept it secret.... i've never really complained about understanding Ari, but this is the first time I truly have like no idea what's going on, this just seems like a sloppy song she made for fun with friends that should have just stayed as something fun she made with friends
  5. so here for this!!!! Gimme another Run Away With Me level anthem
  6. MTE!!! I thought hers was one of th emost boring ones. Rajah's time is very limited so she better milk every second she's got still there. I was sad to see the queen go home as I was warming up to her, but it truly was her time to go. That fall tho!
  7. tbh this album is really good so far, I don't think it'll be one I relive over and over cause it is pretty sonically similar throughout and its something I gotta be in a specific mood to listen to and truly enjoy but def really good album, wouldn't be shocked if it wins awards this year
  8. this looks trippy and I'm here for it! obsessed with this show
  9. releasing this without having a single currently out seems strange, i guess she'll drop something beforehand or is Retrograde a real single now?
  10. bummed we already have the majority of this album, but that Kelly collab is gonna be fire!
  11. excited for their new stuff, but also like why do we keep releasing songs that are shorter than 3 minutes???
  12. my least favorite she's released in a while
  13. its been pushed back to Monday according to Ari and Victoria on twitter