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  1. Love Lies Dinero Sangria Wine/Havana I missed Ariana because my stream started flopping right when she started her performance.
  2. I feel like i've wacthed this like 5 hours already... how long is this gonna keep going on.
  3. Anyways, let me stream some Sam Hunt wheww a hunk.
  4. These streams all show different parts of the show like what. The Korean stream was still showing Janet's speech while the american one was already announcing winner for best country song.
  5. Janet serving Ariana with that outfit and hair.
  6. I'm about to have it with these commercials
  7. Love Lies snatched, this girl got some moves too
  8. Halsey though... has she put out new material since HDK? I haven't heard anything.
  9. New Rules still goes off shut up y'all!