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  1. OMG you're ALIVE :cry2::cry2:

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    Yup, not a fan of GBI, but Sometime Samirai is a bop!
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    Prince of Thirst @neonnights - who was Kylie Minogue's best looking boyfriend (in your opinion) I nominate the hot Spanish model A Man
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    Whew, we love a truth telling stan! She truly was at her beauty peak then - although she's never faded.
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    Lets Get To Jesus is a great one to play when you're getting ready for a night out (thats what i do) . I love how she samples 2Unlimited (lol) and Janet Jackson on it: sis was finding herself and her voice. My fave bop of this era is I Guess I Like It Like That (cheesy i know, but its cute). I think the only minor niggle is that's isn't that pop oriented, it sounds more like a lot of the rave/ underground house influences of the early 90's - which i totally understand - that stuff was huge back then. And PWL - Kylie was the biggest money-maker for that label! Rhythm of God is that bish, but for me self-titled (KM 94) snatches my wig daily Also the photoshoot for KM94 alone is stanworthy Yaaasss Kylie, you look so good mawma What Kylie era do you think she looked her best @neonnights
  6. @God whilst we have your attention: Why don't you answer my prayers? What was it like to slay the world when you released Ray of Light 20 yrs ago?
  7. Welcome to COP! We love a Queen B stan
  8. Congratulations Dirkje! Your one of the ones that makes COP such a great place to come to
  9. Tea! (IMHO) The difference between 90's/00's Madonna (excluding Hard Candy) and 2010's Madonna is that in the 90's/00's she was still setting trends, not chasing them. And because she worked with producers, like Mirwais (Music) & Stuart Price (Confessions) who were up and coming and not known by the mainstream, her albums sounded fresh and new. Whereas collaborating with people whose sounds are already huge right now ensures that her music already sounds outdated when the album actually comes out. As for Orbit on MDNA - apparently he was involved much later and he didn't have that much say in quality control: