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  1. Yasss! I'm here for this - Erotica is Godonna's most underrated era So many classic tracks: Fever, Bad Girl, In This Life, Deeper & Deeper ...we all know 'Waiting' is gonna win this though
  2. How is Black Museum not 1st place? She got robbed And having Metalhead in 4th place, instead of dead last where that piece of trash belongs??? Granted USS Callister was a superior episode but Hang the DJ aka a terrible San Junipero knockoff at joint 1st place - maybe 3rd at best - but joint 1st??? Girl, bye. Church of Pop I Am Dissapoint. Praying y'all get better opinions for season 5. @IsThatSaraS Thanks for the doing the rate sis! Appreciate the time and effort you put into it
  3. I'm gonna use this pic next time I tell someone to kiss my ass
  4. For a pop stan, I'm surprised you don't know about Kesha's history, she went to rehab for an eating disorder brought on by body shamers: “I was under immense pressure to starve myself. And I tried to and almost killed myself in the process,” article here for receipts: https://people.com/music/kesha-dr-luke-alleged-body-shaming-new-york-times/ It is that serious.
  5. So true, we all know half the hoes being mean in here ain't shit themselves. To the haters:
  6. Happy 60th Birthday to the Queen of The Universe Pop, LGBT Icon and greatest living legend Madonna The blueprint of all our pop faves: Streaming First Album, Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light and Confessions right now
  7. R.I.P Queen. She showed us all how its done, I've no doubt she's up in heaven outsinging the angels
  8. Azealia nuked her career a long, long time ago, why shouldn't she be having fun along the way?
  9. IKR? She's one of the last few true Legends left. We've already lost so many, Queen can't leave us yet.
  10. Lolwhat??? Why would she need the money when she comes from a wealthy background. Let me give you a lesson in how to provide receipts - https://www.therichest.com/expensive-lifestyle/money/celebs-who-were-rich-before-they-were-famous/ If you're too lazy to click the link: "[Lady Gaga's]...father Joseph Germanotta, a successful and wealthy internet entrepreneur whose company installs Wi-Fi accessibility in hotels and restaurants. Consequently, she had a very luxurious upbringing in Upper West Side, New York " OP, YOU NEED TO STOP
  11. If we're celebrating Applause, lets honor this iconique live performance (starts at 1:05)