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  1. This song was released last year. Why is it increasing on iTunes?
  2. I like the production but Ariana sounds just like Gwen Stefani on this, not gonna lie.
  3. I second this. Which color though? @Dangerous Woman
  4. Alizée - Gourmandises. It's so good minus the cat in Abracadabra.
  5. Only her music, the bass boosted version of Alone sounds so good.
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    Fellow Lambs, forgive me for doing this.
  7. I love their debut album, it's among my favorite Top 10 albums of all time! I also loved the 80s-inspired production in their "Ten Years" EP. I wanna hear this now, I don't think I'll make it to June 15.
  8. It deserved better! #Beautiful is one of her best lead singles to date.
  9. Yup, she just needs to unleash "Real Friends" instead of promoting that Pharrell collab.