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  1. 7 rings 7 rings

  2. well yeah...It's really not as easy to write a song as some people think. I'm not saying it's the hardest thing in the world but it requires a certain kind of creativity and headspace not a lot of folks have or can "tap into".
  3. God damn.....He deserved so much better. he was a good, talented guy...I wish he could have gotten help in time.
  4. man I swear some arianators are so fake. I peeped my twitter tl after ari posted the video of ricky listening to thank u, next and suddenly everybody thinks he's hot and love him when a majority of the fanbase were calling him an ugly rat when they were together. 

  5. Level up, level up, level up, level up, level up undefined

  6. thank u, next. :nickisip:

  7. Between this cute ass bop and the needy snippet, I know this album gonna smash. Thank U, Next is cute, lighthearted and classy and I love the lyrics (especially where she drags her Daddy and omg the break down of her finding someone else and then we find out it's HER OMFG). I almost fucking cried my ass off at the Mac bit god damn I really dig how she's adapting to a sort of late 90's and early 2000's r&b sound cuz it fits her and I love it. She's always had that vibe even from her first album but now I think she's embracing it a lot more.
  8. Phew that leftover Chinese food done gave me the runs. :hoeanne:

  9. wbk Tana Mongoose was a disgusting pig. (I know I'm in the minority but I never considered Pete's joke to be that horrible. Insensitive and a bit tasteless, yeah but comparing it to other ones *including mongooses* where the people find absolutely joy and humor in joking about 22 dead people, his joke is fluff.) I'm may be a lil biased towards Mongoose though because I genuinely don't like her at all.
  10. I almost started sobbing reading that. I really loved them together because they had such a raw and beautiful connection unlike Ariana's previous boyfriends (and really any celeb couple I pay attention to these days). I truly thought they would get married one day and I think it's clear they most likely would have if Mac had made a proper recovery during their relationship. I feel so horrible for his friends and family and I really hope Ariana is doing okay...I know how hard this must be for her and it breaks my heart imagining the amount of grief she's feeling.