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  1. Color me deceased after hearing those sweetener snippets.  :shookga:

  2. my internet is trash and sweetener is amazing.
  3. fuck sorry for the triple post. my internet blows.
  4. fucking choke me. I really REALLLY REALLY dig all those snippets...blazed sounds like a bop and sweetener is gonna snatch me. Better off made me feel super emotional and R.E.M and borderline are gonna scalp my poor ass. Pharrell delivered...I was a tad nervous cuz TLIC fell flat for me but thankfully these other songs of his sound amazing. I can't wait to hear the other songs Max produced. I really do think this will be Ariana's best album...
  5. This song brings back memories. :demishook:


  6. Any army herexD?? ( jk jk jk) welcome to cop! You have superb taste so I like you already. I hope you enjoy it here
  7. omg i am apart of the elite now omg

    i wanna thank my mom and my mom and then there's my mom too and shit yeah my mom k bye. 

  8. how disappointing...I always liked her and didn't mind her kind of messy shit but she's really shooting herself in the foot these days and it's making me sad.
  9. Phew, I am love with that black lady and the dude with glasses who were both really feeling her! Ariana, queen of the gays AND elders but wbk.
  10. I didn't thinks he'd top NTLTC music video but BITCH DID THAT! Everything about it was perfect and I fucking loved the break with the screaming gophers or what ever they are LOL. The colors and concepts were amazing and I am in love with the bit where she's in the candle.
  11. HO LY FUCKING SHIT! Bitch I am SHOOK! I am in LOVE! TLIC WHO? I fucking loved NTLTC but I might like this a bit more now because DAMNNNN! The dark and sultury vibe is perfect. I love how she sings the pre-chorus bit...and that fucking ending though! My ass was sweating big time and I had goosebumps! Max Martin is the man and this sound is exactly what I've wanted to hear more of in Ariana. I'm bias cuz I am in love with our new national anthem but I think GIAW will be up there as one of Ariana's best singles. rip the light is comin cuz that bitch was found dead in a ditch
  12. Woo girl I am excited for this one. I'm already cackling reading some responses to ariana's elle cover on insta and seeing the religious nuts lose their shit is so highly amusing. I know I will like it a lot more than TLIC (which is an okay bop but thank god it is just a promo single).
  13. I can smell him from my spot here in the recliner.
  14. I have absolute FAITH in GIAW! I can't wait to see the religious nuts SEEEEEEEEETHE at the name alone. I hope it's super bop material like into you (which deserved better cough- ).